Large Contemporary Bedside Wall Light

Large contemporary wall lights are everywhere and I am excited that they are getting more daring by the day. What I love is that they have become decorative works of art. In times past it seemed that people would invest in a fancy dining room chandelier that guests might see once a year and then just do the most basic lighting throughout the rest of their home. Thankfully lighting has become not only a necessity, but serious focal points within most rooms.

Contemporary Living Room Wall Light

Gone are the days when two gold sconces flank a fireplace! How crazy (in a good way) is this? This daring, contemporary lighting fixture is not only functions as a light source, but is as unique as all the other items in the room, creating visual interest and a conversation starter. I guess it’s the idea that we should be as selective with our lighting as we are with everything else in our homes.

Oversize Wall Lights in a Pink Living Room

While these oversized black swing-arm sconces may be larger than the child in the picture, they, like the sconce above, function to provide light in the room and for the artwork, but they themselves become works of art.

Masculine Design Ideas Using Black Wall Lights

Bold contemporary sconces need not have giant swing-arms to be “of the moment." These three fixed black sconces borrow from traditional form but are very modern because they are placed as almost works of art against the stark white wall. Because the room is so white, the back furniture, artwork and lighting ground the space.

Mid-Century Style Black & Chrome Wall Light Fixture

This Jonathan Adler Havana Black Plug-In Sconce gets its inspiration from Mid-Century design but is crisp and modern; a perfect way to add something sculptural to your walls while lighting them at the same time.

Modern Bedroom with Double-Arm White Sconces

Do not disturb, please. I could crawl into this room and never leave. It’s wildly soothing and serene but manages to punch it up with the large double-arm white sconces.

This is the way reading in bed was meant to be. Just like the black sconce above, this white, Mid-Century double arm sconce may be your ticket to updating your bedside lighting.

Minimalist Bedroom Design

Fine, you might wake up in the middle of the night and think there is somebody stalking you, but I think this is a very cool and bold choice for a bedroom lighting.

Colorful Bedroom with Mid-Century Lighting Fixture

A new trend in contemporary lighting is an interpretation of Mid-Century lights. Not every new retro light is Sputnik inspired. Some, like the light above has a sexy, feminine aesthetic. It’s bold and big and very much in style. Another way to update your sconces is to find replacement shades that compliment your decor.

Multi-light Wall Mounted Fixture in a Luxury Bedroom

A twist on the multi-light sconce is this colorful and large wall mounted fixture. Don’t be afraid to go bold with color. The coral arms balance the pillows across the room. My advice when it comes to sconces: go bold and go home!

Photos courtesy of The Zhush, Decorno, Elle Decor