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  • Fashion + Decor Mood Boards with Olioboard

    Fashion and decor mood boards created with Olioboard

    Decor mood boards have been popular for a while, but thanks to the creative folks at Olioboard, there's now an easy easy to make mood boards with your favorite home decor products on the web! Browse products by brand (including more than 14,000 Lamps Plus products) and drag-and-drop them to create 2-D or 3-D design boards that help you visualise how furniture, lighting, and accessories will look in your home.

    One great feature of Olioboard that I love is the ability to upload your own images. You could take a photo of your room, upload it, and virtually arrange everything in the space before lifting a finger. I imagine this will save much heavy furniture lifting, and unnecessary holes pounded in the walls!

    Olioboard Mood Boards

    Today we're taking part in an "Oliohop" about fashion and decor, and I've created the mood board above after being inspired by this fantastic fashion photo. I love the simple color palette of nude and white, along with mixed metallic finishes and simple, angular shapes.

    Using Olioboard, I browsed their product selction to find pieces that had a similar look and feel to the inspiration outfit. Very quickly, I had pulled together a room design that I know would be successful if implemented in real life.

    There are 9 other blogs taking part in today's Oliohop:  Apartment 34; Material Girls; Selma HammerLife in a Venti Cup; Euro Style Lighting; Embrace Your Inner Snob; Design Magnifique; Focal Point; and Pocket Full of Colors. Visit Lamps Plus on Olioboard to find out how to get the look above, and made sure to "hop" on over to each of the blogs above to be inspired by their fashion + decor mood boards!

  • Make Your Own Lighting - A DIY Chandelier Project

    Make Your Own Lighting - a DIY Chandelier Project

    Lamps Plus just launched a brand new product that makes it easy to make your own lighting - a lamp shade adapter! A DIY chandelier project is now not only possible, but simple too. It's easy to create your own swag light by pairing our hanging swag adaptor with a stylish lampshade that suits your decor. The lampshade must have a spider fitter, and an 11" opening on top.

    Make Your Own Lighting with a Plug In Swag Light Kit

    To get started, pick up a brushed steel shade swag adaptor or an antique brass shade swag adaptor (pictured above), along with a lampshade of your choice. The plug-in shade swag adaptor kit unscrews, and the spider fitting of the lampshade fits into the openings on the adaptor. Tighten the adaptor, and voila!  It's simple to use these lamp shade adapters to make your own lighting.

    For more DIY chandelier ideas, visit our blog!

    Image credits: Lamps Plus.

  • Announcing the 2012 Best Home Blog Sweepstakes!

    Lamps Plus 2012 Best Home Blog Sweepstakes

    Nominate your favorite home decorating, DIY, or family blog in our 2012 Best Home Blog Sweepstakes for a chance to win $5,000 in total prizes! For the past 30 plus years, Lamps Plus has been a leader in home lighting, decor, and furniture. We’ve been experts in what your home needs. Now, we want to award the Best Home Blogs that are making everyday homes a little bit better.

    If you're a blog reader and you nominate your favorite blog, you would win one of five $500 online shopping sprees at Lamps Plus, or the grand prize - a $2500 online shopping spree!

    If you're a home blogger, we have some special bonuses if your blog earns the most nominations:

    1st Place: a $1000 online shopping spree, a custom designed giclee lamp trophy, and a "Lamps Plus Best Home Blog 2012" badge to display proudly on your website!

    2nd Place to 5th Place: a $500 online shopping spree, and a "Lamps Plus Top 5 Home Blog 2012" badge to display proudly on your website.

    6th Place to 10th Place: a "Lamps Plus Top 10 Home Blog 2012" badge to display proudly on your website.

    Bloggers, not only will you gain exposure to our customers and social media fan base (we'll mention some of the nominated blogs on our social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest during the sweepstakes, as well as create a post-sweepstakes blog post to highlight the winning 10 blogs), but you'll earn bragging rights and the ability to use the title of "Lamps Plus Best Home Blog 2012". Encourage your readers to nominate you starting on October 15th - the blogs with the most nominations win! (If you'd like a "Nominate Me!" badge for your blog, please email us at - we'd be happy to send you one!)

    Any home blog (home decorating, DIY, or family) can be nominated to make our top 10 list but unfortunately only US-based blogs are eligible for prizes. For complete contest rules for bloggers, click here.

    The 2012 Best Home Blog Sweepstakes will run from October 15 to November 15, 2012."Like" us on Facebook and stay tuned for all the details! Have a question, or need more info? Please reach out to us via email at  

  • How to Style a Bar Cart

    Bar Cart Ideas

    Bar carts started popping up in the pages of shelter magazines a few years ago, and now it seems like they're everywhere. This spirited decor element is indeed a great way to display glassware, cocktail ingredients, and other entertaining supplies, but the thing I like most about it is how much personality you can pack into just a few versatile square feet. From the cart you choose to the items you place on it, every detail can be carefully edited. What's more, you can easily switch it up on a whim! 

    Cocktail Display for Entertaining

    When styling your bar cart take into account factors such as your entertaining style (Frequent host? Save plenty of room for alcohol bottles) and your attitude towards clutter (Hate it? Go for just a few elegant decanters on a tray.) Create a signature 'house beverage', complete with a color scheme and swizzle stick motif, and keep the makings on hand for visitors. Of course, a shelf with a handful of favorite liquors and some high balls at the ready is often "bar cart" enough.

    Also consider the option of a sometimes bar car that serves another purpose when the guests go home. Just like any other storage unit, a bar cart or tray simply creates a boundary for corralling bits, bobs, and doodads. A tray table serves as a handy hall display for books and flowers when it's not serving up Manhattans. Similarly, a dishware cart requires only a little rearranging to become a full-service gin and tonic station. As with everything else in your home, the bar cart is a space for play and creativity. Cheers!

     Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest

  • Juxtaposed: Contemporary Crystal Chandelier in a Traditional Dining Room

    Traditional Dining Room

    It takes a lot to stop me in my tracks - but this contemporary crystal chandelier in a traditional dining room did it! I stumbled across this photo and I just love juxtaposition of old with new, classic with contemporary, and vintage with avante-garde.

    Designer Tobi Fairley picked a perfect pairing with her choice of elegant dining furniture and modern crystal dining room chandelier, don't you think? She nailed the color palette too - rich gold velvet and luscious teal silk manages to look timeless and on-trend all at once.

    Crystal Chandeliers

    1.Possini Euro Paperweight Chandelier. 2.Crystal Strand Chandelier. 3.Floating Crystal Ball Pendant 4.ET2 Blossom Crystal Pendant.

    If you have a traditional home, it's easy to recreate this look! I've rounded up a few of my favorite contemporary crystal chandeliers that will look simply stunning in a traditional dining room.

    Image credits: Tobi Fairley via Traditional Home.

  • Entertaining and Dining Room Inspiration from Fall Baking

    Rustic Fall Decor

    When the weather gets chilly and I need entertaining and dining room inspiration, I turn to my favorite hobby: baking! Not only do I like an excuse to look at photos of ooey-gooey treats, I love to get inspired by the colors, textures, and feelings that autumn flavors suggest. For me, fall is about comfort, warmth, and family and friends gathering together.

    Fall Dining Room Ideas

    So naturally I jump on the chance to create entertaining and dining room decor vignettes that encourage successful get-togethers. Whether you're planning a boisterous pancake brunch or a quiet tea for two, starting with a favorite recipe is an unexpected yet surprisingly effective way to focus on selecting a few key pieces. Above, the crisp, pale flesh of apples is reflected in the rustic tones of linen cushions and ash, whereas below the bright hues of pumpkin are echoed in ikat pillows and acacia. Can't you just smell the cinnamon in the air?

    Shopping Guide: 1. Bronze Industrial Pendant Lamp 2. Cotton Throw Pillow 3. Lazy Susan 4. Glass Hurricane 5. Wood Serving Tray 6. Mason Cash Mixing Bowl 7. Decorative Accent Pillow 8. Hurricane Candle Holder

     Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest


  • French Country Furniture Inspiration

    French Country Furniture Inspiration from French Architecture

    While "country chic" is an extremely popular contemporary style today, nowhere quite captures the essence of French country chic than the motherland itself. Faded, painted street signs over a neutral palette and naturally aged, mild blue and green hues are two main signifiers of this ever popular decor style. Translating the look of French country furniture into your own home can bring an ease and calm to your space.

    White and Antiqued French Country Decor

    1. Rattan Storage Trunk 2.Antique White Outdoor Bistro Set 3.Rancho Large Plant Stand  4.Jute Pillow, Stripe Pillow, Rooster Pillow 5.Trison Magazine Cabinet II


    Many French houses feature a larger-than-life outdoor seating area, but adding a demure iron bistro set in the corner of your yard can offer a peaceful place to escape with a magazine or a glass of rosé.  Classic black iron or antique white finishes are both timeless Provencal looks.

    To continue the French feel at home, add a few country chic throw pillows to any sofa. Even if your sofa is a more contemporary style, a pile of pillows brings a relaxed and comforting feeling to the entire space.  

    When choosing French country furnishings, it's important to pay attention to scale.The American counterpart to French Country, known as "Shabby Chic", is often on a much larger scale. Authentic French-style rooms are often left with breathing room around the furniture, rather than busting at the seams with oversized pieces.

    Weathered French Wall as Furniture Inspiration

    Even if you're never experienced the French countryside in person, it's easy to find decor inspiration in photographs and films. The relaxed, weathered look of Provence is sure to be a chic addition to your home.

    All Images: Allison Rosenberg

  • Favorite Home Decor Trends for Fall

    Home Decor Trends for Fall - Modern Industrial

    It's always exciting to see what home decor trends become popular each season. (Maybe it's just me? I am kind of a design dork. No matter what your taste, there's sure to be a style you can embrace to update your home while also keeping true to your own tastes.

    The Modern Industrial style is one of my favorites. It's a blend of old and new, with a little toughness thrown in. This modern spin on the industrial look is a little softer than the cold steel and slick white surfaces of the past - this season's take is all about soft, aged metal finishes and warm woods, with a little Steampunk style thrown in the mix.

    Home Decor Trends for Fall - Glitz and Glam

    Sparkle, shine, and luxe finishes exemplify the Glitz + Glam trend. Classic decorative mirrors are framed in sumptuous materials like shell, bone, and exotic woods, while sparkling crystal and glossy mirrored surfaces are accenting just about everything. If you couldn't already tell, a fabulous mirrored table is THE must-have home accent right now!  

    Home Decor Trends for Fall - Global Style

    I love that Global Style has evolved from a super-rustic, eclectic look, to one with a little more polish. Rich metallic finishes and colorful exotic patterns harmonize beautifully with weathered woods and organic materials.  Wouldn't this ornate laser-cut pendant make a gorgeous dining room chandelier?  

    Home Decor Trends for Fall - Retro Modern

    Retro Modern has been a popular home decor trend for a while, and I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon! I love its clean, minimalist lines and classic neutral color scheme of silver, white, and clear. (Sure, clear is a color!) Those classic wire chairs are totally calling my name.

    What's your favorite home decor trend this fall? Did I miss any that you love?

    All products are available from Lamps Plus.

  • Interior Decor Ideas: Equestrian Chic

     Equestrian Chic Interior Decor Ideas

    Today, falling leaves and cooler weather seem to influence my interior decor ideas. Equestrian chic is what I’m dreaming about, almost to the point of a weird obsession. Believe it or not, I can get myself up on to a horse and not totally embarrass myself, and naturally I loved Downton Abbey, but was I born to the landed English gentry? Sadly I was not. So what gives? I suppose Equestrian interiors are cozy, slightly worn and all about comfort - and who doesn’t like that?

    The green living room above is divine. It’s begging me to curl up on the sofa with a single malt whiskey. If you wanted to make it even cozier, try popping deeper colored lamp shades on the traditional wall lights. Capturing this warm green hue can be achieved with this Celadon Tall Green Porcelain Urn Table Lamp.  

    English Style Interiors

     Hunting Horn Brass Plug-In Wall Sconce and Dogs Velvet Square Throw Pillow

    To the hounds! Naturally I would never advocate hunting, but everything hunt-related when it comes to decor is so fabulous and timeless. Shiny brass lighting never goes out of style and who wouldn’t want a loyal hunting dog? If it’s good enough for the Royal Family and the Grantham’s, it’s good enough for me.

    Hunting Inspired Pictures

    Horse Head Antique Brass Finial

    Equestrian chic decor naturally revolves around the notion of English sport and horses, however no need to go overboard. Perhaps just a playful antique brass finial to top a decorative table lamp is all you need to make a decorative equine statement.

    Photos: Tartan Scot, Habitually Chic.

  • Get The Look: Khloe Kardashian’s Bedroom

     Khloe Kardashian's Bedroom

    Recreating celebrity interiors can be daunting and expensive. Getting the look of Khloe Kardashian’s bedroom from the set of “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami” is the exception. Set decorator Brandi Creason created an interior that effortlessly brought Hollywood glamour to South Florida. 

    The bedroom in this short-term set does a great job in combining feminine and masculine. The colors may be deep and saturated but the textures are shimmering and flirty. The monochromatic blocks of color are broken up with decorative throw pillows and playful wall lights.

    Here are some great pillow options to recreate and get a similar look (as pictured above): Applique Grape Accent PillowOyster Gray and Plum Throw PillowLooped Charcoal Gray Pillow .

    Kardashian Style


    Another glance of Kardashian’s bedroom reveals the greater attention to lighting and artwork. No "dogs playing poker" here, rather, a soothing abstract landscape (like this Before the Storm Canvas Wall Art ) is what’s called for above the bed.

    A final designer touch is placing an interesting shade on the lights. Of course you could stick with the white shade that came with the fixture, but why? Using patterns or matching colored shades like ths Mauve Lamp Shade shows your attention to detail and will create a more interesting glow to the room. If you don’t have wall sconces you could easily buy fun replacement shades for an existing table lamp. Khloe Kardashian's bedroom design in Miami is a mix of playful purples and relaxing artwork - a great starting point for creating a celebrity-worthy space in your own home.

    Photos: Glo.MSN.Com.


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