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  • Table Lamps: The Gourd Lamp Three Ways

    Decorating with Table Lamps and The Gourd Lamp

    In the world of lighting, where there are almost many options as there are rooms to welcome them, it can be hard to know where to begin. But there's one style to which I often turn. It offers clean and classic appeal; it comes in a seemingly endless array of colors and finishes; and it fits into nearly any interior design scheme. Yup, I'm talking about the gourd table lamp.

    Bedside Gourd Lamp

    Whether you're looking to provide subtle lighting in a neutral living room, add splash of color to a pair of small mirrored side tables in a multi-hued bedroom, or inject metallic glamour to an eclectic workspace, the gourd lamp is a brilliant bet. It derives versatility from a simple shape that becomes increasingly arresting with the addition of multiple gourds. For example, a stark midcentury office calls for a slim single gourd lamp, whereas a Hollywood Regency boudoir requires a voluptuous triple gourd for sure!

    Interior Design Lighting with Table Lamps

    When it comes to this style of lamp, there are plenty available at the lower end of the price spectrum; Robert Abbey in particular offers a vast selection. However, don't be afraid to invest as the gourd table lamp isn't going anywhere. They were a favorite of Albert Hadley, and today designers like Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler use them as mainstays in their interiors. As the years go by and your tastes change, you can always incorporate the gourd into those evolutions. You won't regret a gourdguaranteed!   

    Shopping Guide: 1. Triple Gourd Clear Glass Table Lamp (no longer available) 2. Haeger Potteries Ceramic Table Lamp (no longer available) 3. Ceramic and Brass Table Lamp (no longer available) 4. Robert Abbey White Gourd Lamp (no longer available)  5. Robert Abbey Table Lamp 6. Flower Vase Table Lamp (no longer available)  7. Blue Ceramic Table Lamp no longer available)  8. Jonathan Adler Yellow Glass Table Lamp (no longer available) 9. Brushed Steel Table Lamp (no longer available) 10. Ivory and Gold Table Lamp 11. Mercury Glass Table Lamp 12. Metallic Gold Table Lamp (no longer available)

    Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest


  • 5 Ways To Use Navy Blue Decor

    5 Ways To Use Navy Blue Decor

    Navy blue can be taken for granted. Thus, I’ll show you 5 ways to use navy blue decor in your home so that it looks intentional and chic. Sure, the hot colors may be tangerine and it’s totally “in” to have gray interiors, but who do you always rely on when you want to dress up a pair of’s your navy blazer, isn’t it? Pantone has declared "Monaco Blue" (a very close shade to navy) as the top fashion color for spring 2013, and this rich blue hue is easy to extend beyond fashion into your home.

    Navy Blue Furniture

    Navy blue chairs can be hot. Not only will they hide stains, they are a great way to introduce color without committing to a full-on blue sofa or bed. I love the Annabelle Mid-Century navy blue linen chair. The lines are modern but the deep blue upholstery keeps it timeless. 

    Pillows are another way to introduce navy into your home. The trellis tangle navy pillow above will lighten a darker piece of furniture or add weight to a lighter item, like a white slip-covered sofa.

    Navy Blue Rugs

    I think navy rugs are great. Like darker furniture, blue rugs hide a multitude of sins and is a great backdrop for movement and pattern. The Caspian area rug above will brighten a room and at the same time add warmth.

    Navy Blue Home Decor

    You probably have never thought of navy blue when it comes to lighting, but blue glass mini pendant lights in a kitchen look great as do chrome sconces with deep blue shades. This Jewel Collection Blue Shade is a perfect example. The living room above is made much more interesting when you think about the unique design elements like the blue shade on a green lamp. Go Miles Redd!  

    Naturally most homes now sport an ottoman. Tufted navy blue ottomans are very English and will never show scuff marks from your shoes or look out of place. So, if it’s good enough for the Navy, it’s good enough for my home!

    Photos: TartanScot.

  • Favorite Home Decor Trends for Fall

    Home Decor Trends for Fall - Modern Industrial

    It's always exciting to see what home decor trends become popular each season. (Maybe it's just me? I am kind of a design dork. No matter what your taste, there's sure to be a style you can embrace to update your home while also keeping true to your own tastes.

    The Modern Industrial style is one of my favorites. It's a blend of old and new, with a little toughness thrown in. This modern spin on the industrial look is a little softer than the cold steel and slick white surfaces of the past - this season's take is all about soft, aged metal finishes and warm woods, with a little Steampunk style thrown in the mix.

    Home Decor Trends for Fall - Glitz and Glam

    Sparkle, shine, and luxe finishes exemplify the Glitz + Glam trend. Classic decorative mirrors are framed in sumptuous materials like shell, bone, and exotic woods, while sparkling crystal and glossy mirrored surfaces are accenting just about everything. If you couldn't already tell, a fabulous mirrored table is THE must-have home accent right now!  

    Home Decor Trends for Fall - Global Style

    I love that Global Style has evolved from a super-rustic, eclectic look, to one with a little more polish. Rich metallic finishes and colorful exotic patterns harmonize beautifully with weathered woods and organic materials.  Wouldn't this ornate laser-cut pendant make a gorgeous dining room chandelier?  

    Home Decor Trends for Fall - Retro Modern

    Retro Modern has been a popular home decor trend for a while, and I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon! I love its clean, minimalist lines and classic neutral color scheme of silver, white, and clear. (Sure, clear is a color!) Those classic wire chairs are totally calling my name.

    What's your favorite home decor trend this fall? Did I miss any that you love?

    All products are available from Lamps Plus.

  • Designer Dog Beds for any Decor

    Cute Dog and Designer Dog Beds for Any Decor

    For a while now, one of the hottest accessories season to season has not been a handbag or a pair of high heels, it's been the cuddly companion right by your side.  Celebs like Blake Lively, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson tout their furry friends around wherever they go.  Having dogs all my life I know that, celebrity or not, our pooches usually get the most pampered treatment in the house!  

    Providing the pooch with a designer dog bed is just one of many ways to show them just how much you care.  However, for most of our loyal readers, not just any dog bed will do.  Us design minded individuals want our dog accessories to be chic and stylish while also fitting in with the aesthetic of our home.  Whatever your style may be, there is a designer dog bed for any decor.

    Designer Dog Bed Decor Bachelor Pad

    The bachelor and his dog both love lounging in sophisticated, masculine spaces.  Dark walls, sleek accessories and leather accent make up the bachelor aesthetic, which is perfectly complimented with the stylish, mid-century inspired leather dog bed.

    Designer Dog Bed for Coastal Seaside Decor

    Whether your primary residence, or your weekend getaway, your beachside home's designer appeal should never be compromised just because you want to travel with puppy in tow.  With a natural cream base and bold blue accents, the perfect dog bed to have on hand is a nautically inspired one.  No matter where your dog chooses to lounge, their dog bed will fit right in with your stylish, coastal decor.

    Designer Dog Bed for Eclectic Funky Decor

    These super fun homes are just bursting with color, pattern, texture and style.  With cultivated collections of furniture and accessories from travels around the globe, these eclectically chic spaces are perfectly suited for a fun, loud dog bed. A  bobcat print dog bed will compliment and enhance any funky space. 

    Images: Elle Decor, Interiors4Men, ClipSpringerDecorDemon

  • Decorate Like Nate Berkus

     Decorate Like Nate Berkus

    How would you like to decorate like Nate Berkus? While the TV personality is known for his charm and talent, there are a few designer tricks you can borrow from his most recent spread in Architectural Digest. 

    His New York home is totally chic and thoroughly eclectic. His quirky palette is mostly masculine, but there are a few feminine touches found in seating shapes, wallpaper and lighting. The tall living space above is just right to feature a traditional chandelier and vertical mirror above the mantle. Look at how he marries formal furniture with more casual floor coverings.

    Nate Berkus Designed Interiors

    Small Yellow Granite Disk on Iron Stand (No longer available)

    Along with his various mix of furniture styles, Berkus has a wide array of unusual decorative objects. From woven trays to ceramic horses, your eye travels from one beautiful object to the next. As long as you have ample shelves and tables, consider doing the same in your home. I’m crazy for the granite disk looks like it’s a treasure you could have found on an archaeology dig.

    Masculine Decor

    Holtkoetter Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp; Broidery Brown Indoor Outdoor Rug (No longer available)

    Berkus beautifully handles geometry in this space. A geometric rug and timeless brass floor lamp ground the room. He has masterfully handled the short windows by extending the curtains and roman shade to create the illusion of taller windows.

    Powder Room Design

    Murray Feiss Argento Collection Wall Sconce

    What a great bathroom. Warm and inviting with plenty to admire. The green marble wallpaper is genius and begged to be paired with a dark colored wall. Bathroom light fixtures can make a room, so make sure they are the best you can find. Don’t forget, powder rooms are small so decorate every inch like Nate Berkus does - it counts. Trust me, your guests will snoop!

    Photos: Architectural Digest.

  • How to Style a Bar Cart

    Bar Cart Ideas

    Bar carts started popping up in the pages of shelter magazines a few years ago, and now it seems like they're everywhere. This spirited decor element is indeed a great way to display glassware, cocktail ingredients, and other entertaining supplies, but the thing I like most about it is how much personality you can pack into just a few versatile square feet. From the cart you choose to the items you place on it, every detail can be carefully edited. What's more, you can easily switch it up on a whim! 

    Cocktail Display for Entertaining

    When styling your bar cart take into account factors such as your entertaining style (Frequent host? Save plenty of room for alcohol bottles) and your attitude towards clutter (Hate it? Go for just a few elegant decanters on a tray.) Create a signature 'house beverage', complete with a color scheme and swizzle stick motif, and keep the makings on hand for visitors. Of course, a shelf with a handful of favorite liquors and some high balls at the ready is often "bar cart" enough.

    Also consider the option of a sometimes bar car that serves another purpose when the guests go home. Just like any other storage unit, a bar cart or tray simply creates a boundary for corralling bits, bobs, and doodads. A tray table serves as a handy hall display for books and flowers when it's not serving up Manhattans. Similarly, a dishware cart requires only a little rearranging to become a full-service gin and tonic station. As with everything else in your home, the bar cart is a space for play and creativity. Cheers!

     Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest

  • Home Decor Inspiration: Jewelry

    Decor Inspired By Jewelry

    Bring on the bling! While jewelry may be an expensive obsession, home decor inspiration can come from jewelry - and can be as just as rewarding but much less expensive. From rings and pins to bracelets and necklaces, the shimmer and sparkle of jewelry can easily translate to home fashion and lighting. 

    Naturally, crystal chandeliers remind us most of jewelry, but that doesn’t need to be the only way we should approach the subject. Being literal doesn’t always look best.

    Gold Chandeliers

    Almond Finish Crystal Chandelier

    This amazing chandelier doesn’t scream 'diamond earrings', but it does read 'fantastic brooch'. It has the characters found on the exotic amber ring from above, but shimmers like an heirloom pin.

    Coral Jewelry and Home Decor

    Splash Collection Coral Ceramic Rectangular Table Lamp

    Coral is coming back, not only on wrists but in homes. This super Palm Beach look is less about being literal and hurling a few coral designed pillows about, rather pairing and surrounding this or a similar coral table lamp with glamorous decorative tabletop items in green, white and black. 

    Gold Lamps

    Magma Red Glass Antique Brass Mini Holtkoetter Desk Lamp

    Gold will always be considered the classic jewel tone. That said, don’t forget that jewelry can be playful, like this Verdura Strawberry Patch Brooch. I think the desk lamp has the same elegant yet whimsical properties.

    Contemporary Mirrors

    Jeweled Shapes Antique Gold Wall Mirror

    Contemporary jewelry design can also be the jumping off point for very modern home decor. This nugget-shaped necklace is a dead-ringer for the inspiration for this chic wall mirror. Home decor inspiration from jewelry is filled with sparkle and sure make your home dazzling.

    Image credits: Quintessence.

  • Make Your Own Lighting - A DIY Chandelier Project

    Make Your Own Lighting - a DIY Chandelier Project

    Lamps Plus just launched a brand new product that makes it easy to make your own lighting - a lamp shade adapter! A DIY chandelier project is now not only possible, but simple too. It's easy to create your own swag light by pairing our hanging swag adaptor with a stylish lampshade that suits your decor. The lampshade must have a spider fitter, and an 11" opening on top.

    Make Your Own Lighting with a Plug In Swag Light Kit

    To get started, pick up a brushed steel shade swag adapter or an antique brass shade swag adapter (pictured above), along with a lampshade of your choice. The plug-in shade swag adapter kit unscrews, and the spider fitting of the lampshade fits into the openings on the adapter. Tighten the adapter, and voila!  It's simple to use these lamp shade adapters to make your own lighting.

    For more DIY chandelier ideas, visit our blog!

    Image credits: Lamps Plus.

  • Safe and Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas

    Safe and Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas

    It's the most wonderful time of the year - no, not Christmas - Halloween! Celebrating Halloween can be frightfully fun, but with its dark and dramatic nighttime nature it's important to create a safe environment for you and your family. Read on for my favorite safe and spooky Halloween decorating ideas.

    For the exterior: Safety first - illuminate your yard for trick-or-treaters!  Create a safe, well-lit environment by lining your walkway with candle light sparkle cone stakes; weaving a string of orange solar LED lights through the bare branches of your trees; or accenting your garden with a trio of twig LED lights.

    Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas for the Dining Room

    For the living room: There's nothing more eerie than flickering candlelight in a darkened room. (And while candles in proper holders are generally quite safe, please exercise caution and never leave a candle unattended!) This dramatic iron candleholder shaped like a twisted tree is sure to make a spooky statement. Want a more elegant look? A jeweled skull and crossbones candle is dramatic and sophisticated, while these Italian gold glass candleholders sparkle with the essence of autumn.

    Spooky Halloween Staircase

    For the kids: Make Halloween memorable by swapping out your usual light bulbs for ones with a Halloween hue, like an orange CFL bulb or an orange 25 watt party bulb. To really get spooky, why not surprise your little monsters with a furry little monster lamp?  

    Safe and Spooky Halloween Tabletop Ideas

    For the dining room: Safe and spooky Halloween decorating ideas don't have to be gaudy! A white glass vase illustrated with an elm tree is as seasonally appropriate in fall as it is in winter, while an antique gold sugar maple leaf nightlight (crafted from a real leaf) brings a shimmering fall feeling indoors. And for the foodie, a pumpkin cast iron steamer pot is the perfect seasonal accent.

    Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

    Image credits from top to bottom: Martha Stewart; Better Homes & Gardens; 1x, and Martha Stewart.

  • Do Dimmers Really Save Energy?

     Do Dimmers Really Save Energy

    Do dimmers really save energy? Yes they sure do - however I personally love the way dimmed light shaves years off my appearance! Today's dimmers use a "Triac Switch" which when dimmed, cut the flow of power to a light fixture up to 120 times a second.

    Dimming your lights an average of 50 percent can cut your electric use a whopping 40 percent over time and make your bulbs last 20 times longer. From an aesthetic point of view, dimmer light creates a more relaxed and often romantic feel to the look and feel of a room whether achieved through accent table lamps, sconces or recessed lights.

    Mood Lighting

    Adjusting the current to one-half its normal value reduces the light energy output to one-fourth. Since the rheostat (an electrical instrument used to control a current by varying the resistance) also uses this amount of energy, the circuit saves half the energy in producing one-fourth of the light output.

    Pretty cool, right? Although as a designer and not an electrician, I love the way dimmed light softens intimate spaces like niches, bedsides or shelves. Of course when it come to tasks such as reading, having a rheostat makes increasing the light source a breeze.

    Lighting With Dimmers

    Full range dimmers can be found in contemporary lighting from floor lamps and swing arms to desk lights and lamps. And now that you know dimmers really save energy (and enhance your appearance in the process!) there's no reason not to install them and feature your home in its best possible light.

    Shopping guide: Robert Abbey Porter Polished Nickel Floor Lamp, Artemis Clear Lead Crystal Table Lamp with Off-White Shade, Holtkoetter Bernie Chrome Swing Arm Wall Lamp, Holtkoetter Satin Nickel True White Glass Shade Desk Lamp

    Photos: My Notting Hill.

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