Styling A Holiday Sideboard

Let’s face it, we will all be eating nonstop until January. Styling a holiday sideboard will be essential if you plan to entertain. I get it, everybody entertains in their own way and on different budgets, so let’s look at several options. 

The formal sideboard tends to look English and is usually symmetrical when it comes to lighting and decor. Matching table lamps are always appropriate when styling in this manner. Crystal candlesticks are also time-honored and look chic if there isn’t enough room for lamps. 

Dining Room Sideboards

I love the rustic sideboard which is more casual and looks better when things are a tad haphazard. Pewter candlestick and ruddy copper looks amazing in this application. There is nobody to impress here, so don’t fuss. The copper tub can go from garden to sideboard with ease...use it like a basic tray. If you use an old chest as your sideboard there may not be room for lamps, so think about simple wall lights or sconces to illuminate the dining room.

Inexpensive Dining Room Decor

The budget sideboard allows you to be creative and still stay chic. I love a draped table, so why not do the same for a serving sideboard? Take any long table and drape it. Not only can you use the underside for unseen extra storage, but you are adding color and texture to the space. Keep decor simple and versatile. This pitcher can be used for liquids as well as a vase for flowers!

Modern Dining Room Decor

The modern sideboard can still display traditional decorative items but allows you to experiment. Funky shaped tables can act as a backdrop for display and buffets. Notice how the dining room on the left displays traditional objects but pairs them with a tall, clear glass lamp? It all works because the aesthetic is primarily a clean, simple white and the lamps illuminates without distracting.

Shopping guide: 1. Christina Large Glass Taper Candle Holder. 2. Copper Plated Oval Tub. 3. Haeger Potteries 10" High Empire White Ceramic Pitcher. 4. Robert Abbey Odelia Clear Glass Table Lamp

Photos: House and Home.