Contemporary Black Light Fixtures from Lamps Plus

What does 'modern' mean to you? As is so often the case with words that see a lot of use, the exact criteria for 'modern' (especially 'modern lighting') can be nebulous. But when it comes to modern interiors, a few basic tenets do apply. Generally speaking, modern interiors can be characterized by clean lines, simple color palettes, and limited adornment. If you're looking to set the tone for a modern space, lighting goes a long way.    

Contemporary Metal Lighting from Lamps Plus

When it comes to modern lighting, the same rules apply: think bold shapes and silhouettes, simple materials, and a focus on strong presence over fine details. As seen in these images found on Pinterest, a contemporary pendant light fixture that falls into this category can have a big impact, even in a space that isn't inherently modern. So don't be afraid to mix modern lighting into a traditional space for a look that's all your own!

Contemporary White Light Fixtures

Get the modern lighting look:

Modern Black: 1. Black and Brass Modern Pendant 2. Modern Swing Arm Sconce 3. Midcentury Black Table Lamp  

Modern Metal: 1. Brass Cone Pendant 2. Modern Brass Swing Lamp 3. Sculptural Gold Table Lamp

Modern White: 1. Modern White Flower Pendant 2. Jonathan Adler Modern Sconce 3. Modern Faceted Table Lamp 

Image Credits: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest