Arched Mirrors Make a Space Look Larger

Mirrors are a quick and easy way to make your room look bigger add dimension to your home. When you're working with a small room, mirrors give the illusion of more space. If you have dark walls, mirrors bounce light around to create a more open effect. And as shown in the above image from Motherchief, an arch-shaped floor mirror can even provide a tromp-l'oeil to suggest the existence of a doorway to another room!

Decorative Wall Mirrors

For a clean look, try a single large wall mirror above a bed, sofa, or mantle as seen in this living room from Architectural Digest France. Alternatively, a gallery comprised of several round wall mirrors in varying sizes has vintage, art-inspired sensibility like the one in the below image from DIY-Home. Beautiful bedroom mirrors can bring a touch of sparkle and light to your sleeping space.

Whatever route you take to make your room look bigger with mirrors, just be sure to mount them properly so they don't fall. Your decor should bring a lifetime of good luck, not seven years of bad!

Make Your Room Look Bigger with Wall Mirrors

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Image Credits: MotherchiefArchitectural Digest FranceDIY-Home.