Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting can enhance every room in the house. The stylish design blog, Eclecchic, has some wonderful examples of how to achieve a designer look by incorporating mini pendant lighting designs in a variety of applications.

The great thing about pendants are that they work with every aesthetic. From modern to country, these gems certainly light it up.

Kitchen Lighting

1. Parker Place Solid Brushed Steel 8" Wide Mini Pendant Light, 2. Roomstylers Globe White Glass Pendant Light

Some obvious spots for pendants still tend to be in the kitchen. Whether you need better task lighting over an island or some brighter light source over a sink, pendants can truly come to the rescue. While function is always key, it will never hurt to look for something cute. Here are some great options whether you are drawn to classic farm house or 70’s inspired glam. 

Colorful Lighting

3. Possini Euro Arata Red Art Glass LED Mini Pendant Light

Sometimes, pendant lighting can simply be playful and not need to perform like a workhorse in your home design. Whimsical lighting will always be a conversation starter and color is the best way to get there. You can infuse color not only through blown glass, but painted metal can look very cute in a rustic room design.

Also, consider thinking outside the box with pendant placement. Grouped together over a bar or in a great room could be super cool.

Contemporary Pendant Lights

4. Bryden White LED Mini Pendant Light 5. Jonathan Adler Havana Nickel-White Pendant Chandelier

Another trend that has caught on is the use of pendant lighting as your beside or bedroom lighting. If you are challenged with a lack of space and don’t have room for nightstands and lamps, consider hanging pendants from the ceiling.

Modern pendants are sleek, sexy and can create a mod mid-century feel in your bedroom if you go for cool white.

Image credits: Eclecchic