Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting should never be overlooked when planning the overall design scheme for your home. I know it may not seem like a sexy topic, but I think there is nothing sexier and more welcoming than a beautifully lit house in the evening.

I found some wonderful images on Lonny that capture just what I’m talking about and demonstrates how any style house can shine at night.

One thing to remember when installing outdoor lighting is that it’s not only about looking pretty, but proper outdoor lighting can offer better security. Energy-efficient security lighting fixtures are essential for staying safe.

Motion sensors along the side of you house as well as traditional wall mount lights will help in keeping unwanted visitors at bay.

Traditional Outdoor Lights

1. Reynolds Collection Charcoal Outdoor Wall Light

Traditional outdoor lighting comes in many forms, but I’m a purist and really like the classic Colonial Lantern. The image of a dreamy London Mews house naturally gets my heart racing, but if I can’t actually have the house, imitating the lights are the next best thing.

Modern Outdoor Lighting

2. Vibe Collection Aluminum Outdoor Hanging Light

Modern outdoor lighting has come a long way. It seemed like everything has had a 1970s bent forever...thankfully things are changing.

I love the idea of hanging outdoor lights on a patio or veranda, provided you don’t live in a windy area. 

Country Outdoor Lighting

3. Feiss Redding Station Bronze Outdoor Wall Lantern

Country-Style outdoor lighting is usually no-fuss and looks better when aged. You should go for the “oh, this old thing?” aesthetic so when it really begins to look shabby, you can say it’s been around since before electricity!

Outdoor Path Lighting

4. Kichler Broad Architectural Bronze LED Landscape Path Light

Outdoor path and garden lighting creates the right mood. Strolling through a perfectly lit garden is quite romantic and will show off your gardening skills well after the sun has set.

Photos credit: Lonny