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  • Statement Kitchen Island Lighting

    Statement Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

    Kitchen island lighting has the opportunity to create the 'wow' factor you're looking for.

    One of the first things people comment on when they walk into my kitchen is the lighting. A nod to my love of wine, two huge glass demijohns hang over the island.

    Glass Pendants For The Kitchen

    Pair two glass pendant lights over the kitchen island for designer style.

    When it comes to choosing kitchen island lights, I say, go big or go home!

    If you're in the market for something similar, here are some of my favorites from Lamps Plus:

    Glass Bottle Chandelier

    Glass Bottle Chandelier

    This huge glass chandelier is made with fifty two vintage glass bottles! It will definitely give your kitchen a 'wow' factor, while still being more understated than a crystal chandelier.

    Industrial Kitchen Lighting

    Industrial Kitchen Chandelier

    This sleek light comes complete with Edison bulbs and perfectly marries vintage and industrial styles. The rectangular shape makes it perfect for a kitchen island.

    Lantern Pendant Light

    Lantern Chandelier

    Picture two of these large lantern style pendants as the cherry hanging atop an island. The glass-less design gives these traditional lights an instant update.

    Gold Pendant Light

    Gold Glass Pendant

    Add a bit of bling with this gold foil pendant light which pairs perfectly with brass accessories or be daring and mix it with silver, pewter or bronze knobs and drawer pulls.

    Glass Flower Pendant

    Glass Flower Chandelier

    Glass blossoms would bring glamour to any kitchen, popping against a background of colorful cabinets.

    When it comes to choosing island lighting for your kitchen, have fun with it and don’t forget the fun 'wow' factor opportunity.

    Image credits: Eclectically Vintage

  • Stylish Table Lamps For The Living Room

    Living Room Lighting In Different Table Lamp Styles

    Living room lighting ideas with different styles of table lamps.

    There’s nothing worse than walking into a beautifully decorated room only to find inadequate lighting.

    Some of my favorite living room table lamps that combine style and function include different elements that I'd like to share with you…

    Bold Color

    Choose your color, any color, to brighten up a neutral living room. I’m loving the over 150 color choices in the Color+Plus lighting collection.

    Living Room Lighting With Different Shapes

    Living room lighting can come in all different shapes.

    Intricate Shapes

    The detailed shape of a flowering lotus lamp is an easy way to add interest and texture to any space.

    Metallic Living Room Lighting Ideas

    Metallic is a beautiful material for living room lighting.


    I love bling and a brass pharmacy lamp adds sparkle while the adjustable arm is perfect for a cozy ready corner.

    Rustic Lighting Styles

    Rustic style lighting will help you design a beautiful cabin style home.


    Bring the outdoors in with a branch table lamp with an antique bronze finish.

    From traditional to rustic to modern, lamps are an easy way to update any living room.

    Image credits: Better Homes & GardensBetter Homes & GardensBetter Homes & Gardens

  • Functional and Stylish Floor Lamp Options


    When it comes to decorating, I'm all about the pretty.

    The style.

    The texture and color and pattern and hue and patina and how it fits into a room.

    The function?  Ummm....just between us....not so much.

    But this is a new year and a new style and I'm turning over a new decoration leaf. So when I went to shop for a new floor lamp, I was all about the function. I was intent on finding a task light for reading in the front room and I concentrated on the function and how it, basing my selection on what I was going to use it for.

    And I found it!

    And a little bit of pretty, along the way (but you knew I was going to say that).

    Here's some ideas for functional and stylish floor lamp options for your 2015 home, including some antique brass floor lamps.

    Tripod Floor Lamp

    I present to you the perfect blend of pretty and function with this wood surveyor tripod lamp.

    It looks like a lamp Lewis and Clark might have used when they surveyed the Louisiana Purchase. The legs are a beautiful wood with brass accents and the shade mimics the look of aged linen.

    The lamp would look perfect next to a pair of leather chairs in a library or study.

    Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp

    Hello beautiful.

    This antique brass pharmacy tripod floor lamp is so functional and yet it looks like a sculpture from a museum.

    The arm is adjustable as well, making it a perfect option for a multitude of tasks. The lamp would fit in perfectly, tucked into a reading corner in a bedroom or den.

    Brass Floor Lamp With Black Shade

    I thought of the little black dress the first time I saw this aged brass floor lamp.

    It stood out from all the others on the page. The clean contemporary lines and stylish accents update a space instantly.

    This floor lamp would blend perfectly with a variety of styles and trends.

    Adjustable Brass Floor Lamp

    The ultimate in form meets the ultimate in fashion with this adjustable brass floor lamp.

    No matter what the function, this lamp is up for the task. The beautiful brass patina and narrow shade would help to illuminate any room.

    Go ahead, transform your space with any or all of these functional and stylish lighting options. After all, this is the year for the perfect blend of beauty and utility.

    Photo credit:  Lonny Magazine

  • Glamorous Mirrors and Sconces in Bathrooms

    Years ago I traded a builder grade cabinet and bland overhead vanity light with an updated look in our hall bathroom and it's a medley you'll see over and over again in a designer space.

    The trick is simple: pair a modern wall mirror that suits the style of your home with a set of contemporary sconces flanking the mirror and you’ll achieve a fresh and fabulous look.

    Many builders in non-custom homes install frameless mirrors the width of the vanity because it is easy and inexpensive to do so but the look can leave a bathroom feeling far too ordinary without the shapes or accents that differentiate the space.

    Glamorous Mirrors and Sconces For Your Bathrooms

    Stylish mirrors and pretty sconces will easily update every bathroom.

    Consider a replacement such as a rustic wood mirror to add texture and cool chrome sconces for contrast.

    In this space above by Jennifer Worts Design, rustic wood appears on the vanity and in the mirror frames while contemporary chrome sconces and faucets add elegance. Get a similar look with the Gardere Wood Mirror and George Kovacs Chrome Wall Sconce.

    Classic Bathroom Style Ideas

    Classic style bathroom with scalloped mirror.

    A more traditional vanity with bun feet is enhanced by hanging a shapely scalloped mirror above it and adding two shiny silver sconces in a transitional style. Find similar pieces in the Kichler Silver Scallop Mirror and the Brushed Steel Sconce.

    Stylish Bathroom Design With Mirrors And Sconces

    Pairing beautiful mirrors and sconces for a stylish bathroom design.

    If you want the wow factor, seek out a mirror and sconces in contrasting but eye-catching shapes, both linear and curvaceous. This beautiful bathroom by Veranda Interiors shows just how beautifully they partner together. Capture the same stunning look with the Possini Midtown High Chrome Bar Light and the Lawson White MIrror.

    It's an easy way to have a modern bathroom with designer style, mix a stunning statement mirror with a pair of chic sconces in a style that both makes you happy and complements your home and you can't go wrong.

    Image credits: Jennifer Worts Design, Jute Home, Veranda Interiors

  • The Romantic Vintage-Inspired Closet

    With Valentine's Day around the corner, I am all over dreamy, romantic images with unobtrusive uses of blush pinks and floral accents. When I came across this image from House Beautiful I immediately knew I wanted to figure out how to recreate this look.

    This is the perfect, vintage-inspired dream closet. So you don't have to drool over this image much longer we will help you get the look below....!

    The real showstopper in both our inspiration image - and any room really - is a beautiful crystal chandelier. Specifically incorporating pink-tinted crystal lighting marries together vintage, romantic and feminine design in the most perfect way.

    If you're having trouble finding that perfect, Marie Antoinette chandelier at the flea market, a recreation of a vintage piece will do the trick! The small flower details on the Pink Flower and Crystal 20" Wide Chandelier make this the perfect focal point for creating your romantic closet oasis.

    Purple Upholstered Armchair A lady is always in need of a pretty place to sit while debating which pair of stilettos pair best with her fluffy white puppy. Tufting, two-tone pink, lavender damask and a hand carved wood frame make the Dobson Bouquet Dana Accent Chair a ladies new best friend. 

    With two major focal points in your new dream closet owning their pink tone, the rest of the room should be subtle and complimentary while still having a romantic, antique feel.

    Start off with the Meridian Cut Corner 26 3/4" x 35 1/2" Oval Wall Mirror to add some beautiful, art deco lines while antique mirror finishes add reflection to your space.

    Finding a nook for a Rose Gold Mirrored 4x6 Picture Frame or two featuring your loved ones is the perfect romantic touch. Plus - rose gold and true gold pair perfectly with pink without being overpowering.

    Lastly, some fresh flowers are the ultimate accessory for a romantic closet. Putting them in a white or ivory vase lets the color of the flowers pop and shine. I love the tiny floral detailing of the Flori Small White Ceramic Vase. Its a beautiful vessel for your daily picks!

    Image credit: House Beautiful

  • Bright Lighting For Gray Home Style

    Bright Lighting For Gray Interior Design

    Here are some lighting tips for gray interiors.

    While Marsala may be the color of the year, gray is still hot and lighting gray rooms can be tricky.

    Naturally, A Prefect Gray had perfect pictures for us to enjoy. I’m crazy for gray in its many forms and think of it as a neutral albeit tricky when implemented in already dark or quirky spaces. Gray can be moody or bright and all depends on shade and lighting (pun intended).

    Crystal Chandelier Lighting

    The Chrome and Crystal 12-Light Chandelier is a timeless choice.

    Hanging crystal chandeliers can without a doubt brighten up a gray room and can look fabulous in an industrial room like the one above. The formality of the light fixture against the gray metal doors is quite inventive.

    Designer Wall Lights

    Wall Sconces - Modern version of an Art Decor light?

    Tight gray spaces like a hall or nook can always benefit from beautiful wall sconces. I happen to love antique brass against gray walls like in these pictures.

    Lighter shades will naturally cast more light in a space and the addition of wall mirrors will reflect that light in smaller spaces. 

    Kitchen Lighting

    Keep things simple with Pendant Lighting.

    Gray kitchens are still novel, but can look smashing if done right. If I design a gray kitchen I make sure there is plenty of natural light streaming in to offset the deep hue.

    Also, bright counters will help tame the richness of walls and cabinets and simple contemporary pendants or kitchen track lighting will create proper work and task lighting.

    Traditional Table Lamps

    A formal table lamp can be sculptural in a contemporary room.

    Not all table lamps are created equal, but all are totally useful. An eclectic gray space would benefit from decorative table lamps.

    I love this gallery/bar vignette. It’s clearly a more formal spot intended to be enjoyed at night and thus the dark shade works perfectly while it balances the crisp black and white pictures.

    Photo credits: A Perfect Gray

  • Happy New Year from Lamps Plus

    A Cozy, Colorful Bedroom with a Bedside Lamp

    Welcome to 2015! We suggest enjoying this chilly holiday by staying curled up in bed with a good book, a furry friend, and the soft glow of the perfect bedside lamp. We'll be back tomorrow with lighting and design ideas to keep you inspired throughout the year.

    Happy New Year!!

  • Dogs Make the Best Accessories!

    Dogs Make Great Home Accessories

    Dogs are wonderful accessories, and bonus they love you too.

    Happy new year everyone! The holiday season is time for family, togetherness and adorable pictures of dogs lounging on impossibly chic furniture.  

    Check out these maxed out pups chilling in super stylish rooms from Domaine Home... The cuteness is too much, and the point - because stylish lighting isn't the only star of home design!

    Smart Dog Who Likes Modern Furniture

    This dog prefers a modern home to jump around.

    This adorably sneaky fellow prefers to lounge in a mid-century styled home. Graphic throw pillows and modern accent chairs make his beautiful grey coat pop.

    Pug Accenting An Antique Bench

    Who wouldn't want to see this face when they walk in the front door?

    Walking through the front door to this adorable pug mug is sure to brighten any day. Especially alongside a stunning vintage bench and graphic wallpaper that compliments his creamy coat.

    White Dog And White Modern Dining Furniture

    This cute, white dog compliments the modern white chairs.

    No dining room is complete without stylish dining chairs, modern wall art and maybe even a reclaimed wood table if you're lucky... But don't forget the cheeky french bulldog.

    This little guy has enough personality to sit at the head of the table for any holiday dinner party.

    Adorable Puppy On A White Pouf

    All poufs need a puppy.

    Nothing makes a boxer puppy look cuter than laying him down on a comfy pouf - both are incredibly stylish accessories you should snap up this holiday season to style your home.

    Stylish Living Room With Seating For The Dog

    The perfect living room should include seating for the dog too.

    Anyone who can style a living room like this will surely not forget a chic dog bed made for a king.

    This stylish living room is practically perfect for puppy cuddle time to keep you warm this winter.

    Dog In A Stylish Office Space

    Doggie friends help anyone work more productively.

    Don't forget about getting work done at home - just make sure you have two beautiful office chairs, one for you and one for your best mate.

    Image creidts: Domaine Home

  • LED Desk Lamps: Why You Need One

    If you don’t have an LED desk lamp, here’s why you should.

    Desk lamps are work essentials. As an important part of your day-to-day, a desk lamp shouldn’t be overlooked with just any old light fixture you can pick up at an office supply store. And here’s why....

    Everyone Needs An LED Desk Lamp

    The warm glow from the Arts & Crafts styled LED desk lamps offer a traditional look for an office space.

    Save Money

    LED desk lamps are fiscally smart. Whether you work for a company or work for yourself, saving money is always rewarded and appreciated by the boss.

    LED desk lamps use at least 75% less energy than incandescent, produce less heat, and are more durable, according to Energy Star. And they are designed to work for 20+ years, and cost less to operate.

    Modern LED Desk Lamp

    LED Style

    LED desk lamps share your personality. Let’s face it. Even if you have the best of intentions, desks are cluttered with work to do, work that’s past due and work that we’ll just never do.

    In an effort to make more space, we’re often left with those functional items to express our individuality. Taking the time to select those functional items (stapler, pen, phone charger, desk lamp) in a style, color and materials that bring you joy will make the space around the piles a bit happier.

    LED Desk Lamps Can Be Space Efficient

    Some LED desk lamps are incredibly space efficient.

    Since LED desk lamps offer such a variety of styles, let’s talk style.

    An assumption that I encounter too frequently is that LED lamps are ‘space age’ looking and ‘way too modern.’ So true, and so false. There are LED desk lamps that are super sleek and modern, but there also are so many other styles from Arts & Crafts to aged industrial. Here's some examples of the variety...

    LED Desk Lamps From Lamps Plus

    1. Quoizel Whitney LED Mica Shade Bronze Desk Lamp

    2. Mr. N - Silver Accent LED Table Lamp by Koncept

    3. Theo Industrial Dark Bronze LED Desk Lamp

    4. Mighty Bright LUX Architect Brushed Nickel LED Desk Lamp

    So why not start the new year by saving money, while showing off your style with your new LED desk lamp?!

    Image credits: Lamps Plus

  • Sparkling Kitchen and Bath Sweepstakes

    Sparkling Kitchen and Bath Sweepstakes at Lamps Plus

    We're having a fun sweepstakes where all you have to do is share your favorite sparkling kitchen & bath products from our collection.

    You could WIN one of three $150 Shopping Sprees by just entering and receive additional entries when inviting friends! This is all done via our Facebook page, so head on over.....

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