Chandeliers That Make a Statement

No lighting fixture makes an impact quite like a gorgeous chandelier. Once just a simple wooden cross supporting a few candles, the chandelier has evolved through the ages, making new steps with every style change, materials advancement, or artful vision. Let’s take a closer look at what we feel are some of the finest, most inspired chandelier designs that can transform your home's decor.

Schonbek Da Vinci Multicolored LED Globe Chandelier

1. Schonbek Da Vinci Multicolored LED Globe Chandelier

Taking top honors is this jaw-dropping statement piece from the renowned Schonbek chandelier company. Illuminated by 72 halogen bulbs and 800 LEDs (no, that’s not a typo), this shimmering sphere of Swarovski Spectra crystal is a sight to behold. It features two light settings; in the halogen mode, the Da Vinci sparkles with white light like a distant star brought to Earth. Switching to LED mode transforms it into a fiery ball of swirling, shifting color. Simply astounding. Da Vinci 36" Wide LED Chandelier

James R. Moder Maria Teresa 77" Wide Grand Chandelier

2. James R. Moder Maria Teresa Grand Chandelier

Not for studio apartments or the faint of heart, the Maria Teresa Grand Chandelier (seen above) exudes a regal splendor that’s perfect for your mansion or ballroom. From the James R. Moder chandeliers collection, the light of forty-nine 60 watt bulbs (nearly 3000 watts!) is refracted by a plethora of crystal pendeloques and octagons. Did we mention it’s big?
Bling Factor: 5/5

Possini Euro Design Icicle Leaf Chandelier Picture

3. Icicle Leaf Chandelier 

Update 1/22/15: Unfortunately this chandelier has been discontinued. Here is one similar, Possini Euro Design White Flower Pendant Chandelier. Or, you can also browse other contemporary chandeliers on our site.

Different is good, especially on this list. While not the most sparkly, this organic design carves out a place in the top three with a look that defines “distinctive”. A cluster of--well, let’s call them frosted leaves--sprouts outward, diffusing brilliant white light from a single central bulb. Crafted from aluminum and finished in off white, it's fresh and contemporary, and we dare you to take your eyes off of it. Whatever it is, we like it. Possini Euro Design Icicle Leaf Chandelier
Bling Factor: 4.5/5

Robert Sonneman Rectangular Handkerchief Pendant Chandelier

4. Robert Sonneman Aluminum Planes Modern Pendant Chandelier

Acclaimed designer Robert Sonneman claims a position in our list with a clever, very modern pendant design using a flat plane of etched glass to reflect the light from halogen bulbs. M.C. Escher fans and hypercube aficionados will love this one. Robert Sonneman Rectangular Handkerchief Pendant Chandelier
Bling Factor: 4/5

Vienna Full Spectrum Chandelier Picture

5. Vienna Full Spectrum Black Fabric Chandelier

Do you dream of crystal, but want a more modern tone? This design from the Vienna Full Spectrum lighting collection will satisfy your urge with a breathtaking melding of the old and the new. A sleek black fabric shade encloses a traditional form glass chandelier to stunning effect. Vienna Full Spectrum 26" Wide Black Fabric Chandelier
Bling Factor: 4/5

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