Wall lamps and swing arm wall lamps are functional

Swing Arm Style Meets Function

Adjustable and adaptable, swing arm lamps and wall lights add both function and a dash of style to any decor.

Functional swing arm lamps, like the one pictured above, feature an adjustable arm that pivots and swings into a number of positions, allowing you to control the position of the lighting source. 

This makes them ideal for reading or other tasks.

They’re perfect on either side of a bed headboard or next to a favorite reading chair.

Home Office Wall Lamp

Swing arms are available in a wide variety of style and finishes.

There are sleek modern swing arm lamps for the bedroom or office, as well as more traditional designs with shades.

Wall Lamps

Like swing arm lighting, wall lamps also attach or hang from the wall surface, but they lack the adjustable swing arm feature. 

Because the lamp arm is in a fixed position, this type of lighting should be used in locations where having an adjustable light source is not an issue.

Plug-In vs. Hard Wired

We sell both plug-in and hard-wired swing arms and wall lamps. Plug-in swing arms are very simple to install.

You just mount them like a picture or hanging piece of artwork, then plug them in to any standard household outlet. If you wish, you may purchase decorative cord covers to decorative the hanging cord. 

Plug-in Wall Lamp Illustration

Most swing arm lamps and wall lamps come with at least 6 feet of cord., making it easy to reach bedside plugs or plugs next to a reading chair or sofa.

Hard-wired wall lamps, also known as direct wired wall lamps, may look the same as the plug-in models, but they do not have a cord and must be hard-wired electrically.

These are a good choice if you wish to avoid the hanging plug-in cord, but they are harder to install, and you may have to use the services of an electrican.

Help with Swing Arm Lamps and Wall Lamps

Need help? Visit one of our lighting stores or contact us. One of our trained lighting consultants will be happy to assist you by phone, live chat or email.

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