landscape lighting tips

Installing low voltage landscape lighting is a fairly easy DIY job. Here are 5 things to consider before you get started: 

1) You’ll need three things: a transformer, cable, and the lights themselves.

The transformer is the heart of the system. To determine what size you'll need, just follow this simple formula:

  • Add together the wattage of your individual lights
  • Multiply that total by 1.5
  • The total is the transformer size, in watts, that you'll need.

You can remove the guesswork by choosing a complete landscape lighting kit that gives you everything you need.

2) Find your power source: You can plug most low-voltage transformers into a GIF grounded outdoor outlet just like you would any lamp. Save on cable by finding an outlet closest to your lighting needs.

3) No digging needed: We recommend simply running cables along the ground and tucking them behind plantings or covering them lightly with dirt or mulch. Most light fixtures include stakes so you can simply insert them in the ground.

4) Go LED: These lights use less energy, allowing you to run your system on a smaller, less costly transformer…and they last far longer than other bulb types, with virtually zero maintenance.

5) Less is more: A little light can go a long way outdoors. Create layers by using a combination of path lights, up lights and flood lights.

So go start planning!

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For more information you can read our 3-step approach to installing low voltage lighting before you buy.