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  • Introducing: Kathy Ireland Air Purifiers

    Room Air Purifier PictureWe've introduced Kathy Ireland's new line of air purifiers to our site.

    They come in three different sizes for large to small rooms, and all have super efficient HEPA style filters that can trap up to 99.97 percent of the nasty dust and mold particles in the air.

    If you have asthma or suffer from allergies, these make a great addition to your home.  

    Take a look: Kathy Ireland air purifiers.  


  • Our Outdoor Bird Table Lamp Makes the Press

    We're not the only ones smitten with outdoor table lamps; 100's of you do too!

    These weather resistant and retro-cool lamp are UL listed for wet locations. 

    Check out Outdoor Living Design Ideas, for more home decor ideas. 

    You can also browse our complete table lamps collection for other styles and designs, or check out the range of outdoor table lamps that we have available. 

  • A Candice Olson Design in Damask Glass

    Candice Olson Damask Glass Table LampWe were speaking with designer Candice Olson the other day about the Damask Glass table lamp that's part of her brand new lighting collection. Afterwards, she e-mailed us this piece we thought we'd share with you:

    "This lamp embodies my signature approach to design...modern interpretations of traditional and historical design elements.

    A clean, refined silhouette of etched glass, nickel  and linen combine to contrast and set off an intricate damask pattern creating a lamp that is fresh yet familiar....the perfect lamp for both modern or traditional rooms or the bridge uniting a space that is an eclectic mix of both. 

    Cheers! - Candice"

    Update: Sorry, the Damask Glass table lamp is no longer available. View our entire line of designer lamps at Lamps Plus.

  • "Seen" on HGTV's Designed to Sell

    Designed To Sell Logo Picture

    Our very own Seen Robinson and his wife, Amy, took part in the popular HGTV show "Designed to Sell" that's hosted by Lisa LaPorta and Clive Pearse.

    Their episode is slated to air this coming Monday, June 23rd. You can find additional show times and check out the episode online at the Designed to Sell website. My daughter loves the show, so we'll definitely be watching!

  • The Cutest Desk Lamp Ever

    Pinguino Desk Lamp ImageWe fell instantly in love with the Pinguino accent desk lamps. They come in a variety of colors and make a great accent for a computer desk or study area. Note the little feet!

    Want a version that wobbles but won't fall down? Try the Birillo desk lamp. Just as cute, but without the stylish two-tone color and feet.

    Find 'em all in our desk lamps collection.

  • Around the House Portland Podcast

    Lamps Plus Clackamas-Portland Store Photo Tony Jump and store manager Mark Himebauch from our Portland, Oregon, Lamps Plus Clackamas-Portland store, made a Saturday radio appearance on the local KXL 750 Around the House show with Handyman Bob.

    The show covers home improvement tips, and this episode presents some general lighting tips and terms.

    To get the podcast, click on the 6/15/2008 show link to download the episode. Tony and Mark are first heard at the 12 minute mark.

    Post Update 7-15-11: Unfortunately, this radio show is no longer available on the KXL-750 website. For more home improvement and lighting tips, visit our Advice and Tips section, or learn about all the latest design styles in Shop By Trend,

  • Renters Do the Swag

    Swag Chandelier PhotoBlog Apartment Therapy points out what a great choice swag lighting is for renters: Overhead Lighting for Renters: Swag Lamps

    The post mentions how easy it is to install swag lighting; all you need is a ceiling hook to hang the lamp and there's no worry about electrical wiring. When you move, take the swag light with you and change back the ceiling with just a minor patch and paint job.

    Swag lighting collection.

  • Trick the Eye with Trompe L'oeil

    Trompe L'oeil Table PictureTime Out New York magazine featured our Trompe L'oeil Booklover's Table in their Use Your Illusion product feature. So what if you couldn't finish that classic? This home decor look is the next best thing.

    Post Update 10-1-11: Sorry all, but it looks like the Time Out New York website has removed the link mentioned in the post above. You can still visit their site via the top link, and our home decor section is loaded with new decorating looks to trick your eye!

  • Outdoor Lighting Tip: Save with Motion Sensors

    Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light

    Looking for a way to save money and energy? Outdoor lighting with a built-in motion sensor will save you energy, plus add year-round security. 

    Use a two light design centered on a garage or at a house corner to cover large areas, or go with a decorative design for porch and patio areas. What's more, many of the designs are Title 24 Compliant, an important consideration for new home construction. You'll find many Title 24 designs in our motion sensor lighting collection.

    If you are looking for more details about this, you can learn more on the California Energy Commission's Title 24 information page.

  • Some Questions With: Kathy Ireland

    From supermodel and actress to business entrepreneur and charity leader, Kathy Ireland has done it all. In addition to her personal success, her brand was named by Women's Wear Daily as America's 7th most popular. Kathy recently took the time with us to give feedback about herself and her product line.

    Her inside secret: 
    Don't be afraid to ask for help! I work with a team of geniuses. I believe in developing and focusing our strengths and working with others in areas where we are not strong.

    For example I am lousy cook and I've killed more than one plant. I need help in these areas and turn to experts.

    For cooking and entertaining, I work with my friend Chef Andre of ACafe. For gardening and outdoor living, I work with world renowned landscape designer Nicholas Walker of JduJ. Both of these experts design extensive collections within our brand. You can find wonderful lighting specifically designed for the kitchen from ACafe. You can find beautiful outdoor lighting and indoor lighting that reflects the beauty of nature by JduJ.  

    Hot new design trend: 
    An "on trend" look that we love is the use of architectural design combined with a hint of grounding motif from years passed. This allows you to update the classics!! 

    Revisiting classic design styles and refreshing them with modern lines and color.  By doing this we bring a contemporary look to the classic designs we love.

    Biggest design mistake people make:
    There is a difference between being "trendy" and being on trend. Making a purchase that is trendy often dates quickly.

    Another mistake that is frequently made is being talked into a style for which you have no passion. That's why our Style Guides are so powerful. Choose the part of the world that inspires you and give your home a vacation. European Country is great, if you love that continent, La Vida Buena if you love hot and spicy colors. If the South Seas bring your joy, Aloha is your Style Guide.

    Finally, don't be afraid of color! Beige is lovely, but it can be very lonely if it's your only choice.

    How she works:
    I often share with people, I have the best boss in the world, you!  You are wonderfully tough and keep us all on our toes! You expect and deserve the best. It is a joy and honor to work for you.

    Thank you for supporting our brand and thank you for your input, ideas and much needed criticism. Our team is dependant upon your communication with us. We appreciate your direct approach. While we work with a remarkable team, you are the most critical part of our design team.  

    Favorite item in her house:
    My favorite items in our home, are the beautiful works of art done with love done by our three children, Erik, Lily and Chloe. Our walls are covered with their masterpieces.

    Our favorite purchases include some of the beautiful lighting available at Lamps Plus. Lighting is jewelry for the home, lighting builds the right mood and atmosphere. It's a joy to watch lighting change a room.

    Favorite design inspiration:
    Of all the great designers, God is the ultimate. My greatest inspirations come from His creations. The intricate patterns on a leaf or a butterfly, the rich earth tones of nature accented with rich and vibrant colors from wild flowers, the translucency and the movement of the sea and the golden colors of a sunrise are all powerful inspirations.

    Question she gets most at parties:
    The question I get most at parties is "when are we going to have the cake?!" As a busy mom, most of the parties I go to are kid parties!

    Decisive moment in her career:
    Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a mom.  We started our brand in 1993 with a pair of socks. Our first child was born in 1994. My life changed dramatically.

    Having children was a greater blessing than I even imagined and I quickly learned how tremendously underserved buys moms are each day. Suddenly things like taking a shower became a rare luxury.  Becoming a mom caused our mission at Kathy Ireland World Wide to crystallize.  The birth of our first child ignited our mission of "finding solutions for families, especially busy moms."

    Item she won't part with:
    I won't part with my Bible.

    Our family includes our beloved pets. They are: Sparky and Lucky (dogs), Ashley (Goldfish), Hopper (frog) and many other transient creatures.

    Kathy Ireland Chandelier in a Dining Room

    As we travel the world on design trips, we collect raw materials that include everything from sea shells, antique, treasures, fabrics, woods and photography to translate into the design of our products.

    As a child wanted to be:
    As I mentioned earlier, as a child I knew I wanted to be a mom. I also loved design and business. My first job was a combination of both. I sold painted rocks from my wagon. These rocks were multi functional, they could be used as a paper weight, objets d'art and my granny carried one in her purse at all times as her means of self defense! I also had great interest in marine biology and teaching.

    Obsessions of mine are our children and chocolate chip cookies.

    Best recent gift:
    For Mothers Day this year, Lily wrote me the most amazing poem that brought me tears of joy. Erik gave me a gift of a date; he is going to take me out to dinner on our bikes! Our five year old, Chloe made me gorgeous art work and is taking me to lunch at her favorite restaurant.

    What's next:
    What's next for me is checking my emails at to get our much needed and appreciated marching orders from you! You make our mission of "finding solutions for families, especially busy moms" a reality every day. 


June, 2008