For teens headed off to college, one of the first things on your back-to-school list is choosing furniture and accessories. The challenge here is doing something fun and functional with a those teeny-tiny rooms. We found some great tips in this article from the Montreal Gazette titled "Dorm Decorating 101." Here are some more ideas to help you create your dream dorm room!

Supercool Rolling Cube

Multi-purpose pieces are key. This fabulous item, besides being ultra-stylish, can be used as a stool, a desk, a footrest, even a dining table! Not to mention it provides great storage space.

iHome Desk Lamp

Task lighting will come in handy, and this desk lamp is a great choice. It plays and charges your iPod, too! (here are some more iPod-ready choices)

Soundwaves Pink Area Rug

Want to put a stamp on your cookie-cutter dorm? This area rug is a great way to add color and personality. It comes is two other colors, too. UPDATE: Sorry, the Soundwaves Pink Area rug is no longer available. Browse all indoor area rugs.

Flameless Battery Operated Candle

Finally, candles add tons of character and good vibes to a room. But, considering most dorms have policies against candles, try battery-operated flameless candles. Perfect solution! As always, have fun decorating!