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  • 7 Tips for Using Decorative Screens

    Decorative Room Dividers - Harris Marcus Home Three Panel Leather Library Screen












    A decorative screen or room divider is a great way to add interest and new style to a room. They come in a wide range of visual looks, and can be used for a variety of functions. Here are some of our favorite tips for using decorative room screens.

    1) Place a screen in an awkward corner with an uplight behind it to create a cool lighting look.

    2) Divide or section a room with a screen, such as using a screen to hide a messy office desk. The Three Panel Library screen looks great in an office setting.

    3) Use behind a mattress/boxspring as a headboard. If you do this be sure to securely mount the screen to the wall.

    4) Place in a child’s room that is shared. Use a screen between twin beds, for example, in order to create some separation and privacy.

    Red Chamber Screen Room Divider













    5) Use a screen in place of closet doors. If you're a DIY'er, you can even mount a screen on a sliding door mechanism.The hardwood red chamber screen pictured above adds warmth and texture.

    6) Handpainted and colorful fabric canvas screens serve as room artwork and can add a burst of color and texture to a space.

    7) Use one to create an entry space or foyer where there is none.

    Spider Web Room Divider












    We've added dozens of these decorative room dividers to our product assortment over the past few weeks. So take a look and let us know which is your favorite and how you use them in your home.


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  • Thai Palace on a Budget

    A Thai Themed Table 

    Saturday's Home and Garden feature from the LA Times showcases a couple of our local residents' endeavor to transform their 1960 fixer-upper into a tropical resort. 

    With Bangkok's Sukhothai Hotel as the inspiration they incorporated plenty of lighting and plants into their plan. Take a look at the Los Angeles Times home decor pictorial

    I think they do achieve a lush, relaxed look and there's plenty of ideas for someone that's considering a tropical look. 

    Since they cite the clearance shelves at Lamps Plus as one of their sources, I wanted to remind anyone not living near our brick and mortar locations of our online clearance area. You can find all kinds of goodies to fit with a tight budget.  


  • Check out the Softer Side of Crystal

    I love the look of crystal -- it shimmers, it sparkles, it's all good! While some crystal fixtures seem too formal for more casual rooms, designers are finding ways to work sparkly pieces into a wide range of styles. Contemporary crystal fixtures are a great way to explore the more casual side of crystal.

    The Crystal and Chrome Wreath Ceiling Light is a great example of how organic lines can soften up traditional, formal crystal! Gleaming chrome "branches" and crystal beads form a brilliant wreath with a refreshing, natural feel.

    Contemporary Crystal Ceiling Light Picture

    The glimmering Crystal Wisp Ceiling Light is perfect for today's eclectic, casual decor. Contemporary crystal designs like these are a great way experiment with crystal.

    Crystal Wisp Ceiling Light


  • We're Not the Only Bloggers Who Love Babette Holland

    Babette Holland Table Lamp ImageWe're long-time fans of the "21st century Americana" look from Brooklyn lighting designer Babette Holland. Babette and her husband Tony produce fabulous works of art from recycled and reclaimed aluminum.

    Traci, a blogger at Green Vaccine, took notice of one of Babette's environmentally-friendly table lamps yesterday. Click here to read Traci's post. (Post update 10-4-9: the link has been removed, as this post seems to be no longer available, though the Green Vaccine blog is still active).

    Babette was a guest blogger here at the Light Post  in the past. Finally ... see some of their amazing lamp (and mirror!) designs right here (no longer available.

  • Some Questions With: Rachel Simon

    Lights Up Lighting Company Logo

    The LIGHTS UP! collection of table and floor lamps offers an elegant, modern esthetic combined with a beautiful line and form. We caught up with LIGHTS UP! designer Rachel Simon to learn more about herself and her line of lamps.

    Says Rachel:

    “I grew up in Rockland County, NY in a house built by the renowned ceramist Henry Varnum Poor. My childhood was surrounded with art, music, cats, dogs, trees and the 4 seasons. Much of who I am today was inspired then. My family home was a revolving door of artists, writers and composers.

    One of these was the jewelry designer Sam Kramer. I apprenticed in the Kramer Jewelry Store on 8th Street as a teenager and was inspired towards my first career in the handbag and fashion accessories industry.

    I styled and marketed for many years and continue to have a passion for all women’s accessories. This is very evident in my early lamp designs which came with long pull chains, decorative accents and multi-choice shade colors, just like the colorful handbags that we introduced in the 70’s.

    Lights Up Meridian Table Lamp

    I founded LIGHTS UP! with Dawn Ladd in 1987. We taught ourselves manufacturing on the 12th floor of an old warehouse in DUMBO, Brooklyn. In 1994 I took LIGHTS UP! to George Kovacs Lighting. For 6 years Mr. Kovacs and I collaborated and produced many of my favorite LIGHTS UP! designs.

    Now LIGHTS UP! and I are back on our own and enjoying designing and manufacturing new lamps in a 30-year-old lampshade factory in the heart of Brooklyn.”

    Favorite design inspiration:
    Travel inspires me- walking, window-shopping, museums, and architecture. I always feel revived and inspired by travel. The more foreign the place the better.

    Hot new design trend:
    The hot new trend is LATTE (local, authentic, traceable, trusted and ethical) - whether it’s the material source, energy use or color palette our future right now is tied to our planet and it’s preservation.

    Biggest design mistake people make:
    Biggest design mistake in the home or office - not enough light sources. Lighting improves every space and good lighting is produced by balancing it’s sources.

    Lights Up Faux Bois Table Lamnp

    How she works:
    I work on a large surface- spreading out the ideas, colors and shapes. Then refine and reduce. I am a minimalist at heart and like to reduce everything to its bare bones with a few decorative accents. I love to collaborate; my favorite times are when I can work with a few talented partners and brainstorm.

    Favorite item her house:
    My favorite item at home is the wrought iron and wood banister that our friend John Corcoran made for us. It is like a water landscape.

    Item she won't part with:
    Items I would never part with are of course, my husband and daughter. Anyone who knows me knows my family.

    Question she gets most at parties:
    The question I am most frequently asked when I meet someone is - “How did you get started in the lighting business?” My quick response is, “Putting 1 foot in front of the other”. I love lighting- it fascinates me and will be a life long passion.

    Travel tip:
    Always have a large lightweight shawl in your carry-on. And carry-on whenever possible.

    My husband is the collector in our family, from advertising to guitars to classic automobile hood ornaments. He collects enough for both of us. I do love painted juice glasses and buy them whenever I see them, but they get used and break. There is always room for more.

    Lights Up Virgil Table Lamp

    As a child wanted to be:
    As a child I could not wait to be a grown up - now I wonder if I will ever become one.

    My life long obsession has been with the XKE Jaguar. If you are thinking of satisfying it my preference is British racing green with a tan interior convertible.

    Best recent gift:
    Becoming a godmother to the beautiful Isobel.

    What's next:
    Next for LIGHTS UP! Finally I have my new Ginko print pattern in 3 different colorways. It will be presented to my customers this Fall, 2008.

    Thanks, Rachel! Take a look at the complete LIGHTS UP lamp collection to find a great look for your home. 

  • Are You Into Biophilia?

    Seashell Wall Art

    Do you like to have as many plants and as much light as possible in every room you enter? Do natural patterns and textures make you feel relaxed and at ease? You may be into biophilia, a movement in architecture that explores mankind's love of nature.

    The phrase was coined by Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson, PhD, in his 1984 book by the the same name. He asserts that human beings have an innate and evolutionary based affinity for nature. For further explanation, please see this 2006 New York Times article.

    With the idea in mind that nature, whether simulated or real, is beneficial for our moods; I tried to pick out a few items that made me happy.


  • A Modern Vision in White

    I was inspired by this post from one of my favorite bloggers over at Elements of Style. A room with a white palette is far from boring ... it's soothing and calming and tres chic! I dug up some wonderful white furniture from our modern collection. These are great choices to build a room around. If you've got a colorful piece of wall art or a showpiece chandelier, it will REALLY pop against a neutral backdrop. I hope you enjoy these visions in white!

    Modern Barstool Picture

    The Scooper Adjustable Barstool is perfect for the counter. The glossy white and chrome finish is sleek and appealing.


    The Jupiter Bistro Table is sauve with a contoured base and clear glass top!

    Jupiter Bistro Table
    Contemporary Seating Chair Image

    Add some black and you have a neutral pattern (handy almost anywhere). The fabulous Pyramid Chair adds life with this black and white floral pattern. Check out more marvelous modern furniture choices in cool, clean white right here!

  • Tips for a Dust-Free, Allergy-Free Room

    Bamboo Rug Image

    For those of us with allergies home decorating can present some challenges. Heavily upholstered furniture and drapery can collect dust and the cleaning never seems to end. However, you can make your indoor environment more dust and allergy-free with these simple tips.

    • Don't use rugs with a high pile that will collect dust and dirt. Choose instead a no-pile rug such as those constructed of bamboo. Bamboo weave area rug.
    • Avoid fabric lamp shades. Like high-pile floor rugs, fabric shades can collect dust and allergens. A rattan or wicker lamp shade is a good bet.
    • Fabric furniture can also pose a problem. Opt for seating and tables that feature wood construction.
    • Use an indoor air purifier. These devices feature HEPA air filters that can help remove dust, allergens and pet dander from the air.
    • Launder your duvet and bedding regularly; same goes for pillows and blankets.


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