It's time once again for our monthly astrology feature, and this month we wish a happy birthday to Capricorn! These folks are sensible and organized, and they prefer friends and mates to act accordingly. Capricorn is embarrassed by extravagence and shows of ego. If you want help planning Elton John's birthday party, ask a Sagittarius. If you need your taxes done, Capricorn is your guy.

Dear Capricorn: Cheer up, man! Yes, the holidays can be stressful, but you should be all set now that you've finished your holiday gift spreadsheet. Yes, yes, I know ... the "Gift Matrix" calculates the perfect gift based on birthdate, middle name, and hair color. But, don't forget to have fun! Maybe just one, tiny mug of eggnog this year??

Here are a couple items I found that even level-headed Capricorn can get excited about:

Capricorn's birthstone is the beautiful and rare ruby. This gorgeous, Victorian style wall sconce features wonderful clear and ruby-colored glass accents. Sure, it's highly decorative, but this look goes back over a century; it's tried and true!

Our practical buddy Capricorn will love this classic bankers lamp. This model is confident and stylish, and it features OTT-LITE technology engineered to mimic natural light and reduce eye strain.

Finally, for our little Capricorns ... This puppy dog accent lamp is the perfect companion night light. Our dear Capricorns cherish loyalty, and dogs pretty much have a corner on that market.

Next month ... visionary, idealistic Aquarius!