A ceramic cookie jar that looks like a wrapped gift

With such a fun and familiar theme, decorating for the holidays is a snap. It's so easy to create a festive feel with colorful lighting and charming decorative objects.

Now that the season is winding down, let's not lose that decorating momentum! Here's a tip:

As you pack away the holiday decorations, try replacing them with accents that are great all year long.

Replace the Christmas lights with party lights to keep things bright and cheery all year round.

Swap out a holiday centerpiece with a sculpture, art object or candle holders.

And, don't leave your front door naked just because the holidays are over! Add a wonderful wreath to a front door for winter-themed beauty.

When you finally retire this year's Christmas tree, keep the green theme with a gorgeous floral arrangement. With fresh, decorative accents like these, your home will start 2009 in style.