Solid brass pineapple table lamp at LAMPS PLUSWe just added a great collection of pineapple table lamps. Out of curiousity, I learned we have nearly 100 pineapple-themed items on our site. And Google returns nearly 60,000 results for "pineapple table lamp"!

I had to ask, "Why pineapples?" Turns out there's a rich history behind this common decor theme.

Columbus and his crew were the first to taste the fabulous fruit when they landed in the Caribbean.

It quickly became a delicacy in the old world due to the difficulty of transporting it back home.

In Colonial America, pineapples were still a rare treat.

Only the most wealthy and well-connected could offer dinner guests this highly regarded fruit.

The pineapple soon symbolized status and hospitality becoming a favorite motif for artisans and architects.

Now that you know, highlight the hospitality of your home with one of our new solid brass pineapple table lamps.

And browse our other pineapple-themed items.

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