Daylight Savings Time Clock

Don't forget ... clocks go back tomorrow, November 1st, 2009, at 2am.

As Daylight Savings Time ends, energy bills get bigger in part because people keep their lights on longer throughout the winter months. As we turn back the clocks, here are a few tips to help turn down your energy bills.

- Replace high wattage bulbs with lower wattage bulbs. Changing from a 100 watt to a 75 or 60 watt version makes a real difference in energy savings. Better yet, make the jump to a CFL bulb or, better yet, an energy efficient LED bulb.

- Use dimmer switches where you can, and consider "occupancy switches" which automatically turn lights off when you leave a room.

- Outdoor lights with timers or photocell sensors light your yard more efficiently. Check out models with dusk-to-dawn operation and motion sensors.

- Place floor lamps in corners so two walls reflect the light back into the room. This is an easy way to create a brighter atmosphere without having to turn on extra lights.

- Your landscape lights will be on longer each night, so be sure your system is as energy efficient as possible. Consider using solar landscape lighting where practical.

Enjoy an energy efficient winter!