It's kind of thrilling to see how our products look when they're actually in use. We were excited to see this photo of a kitchen task light installation by a family member of one of our very own.

Barry Ward, the LAMPS PLUS Buyer for table lamps and rugs, volunteered this photo his sister took of her new ProTrack 5-Light Monorail Pendant Kit after putting it up.

This stylish kitchen in Asheville, NC belongs to Margaret, who was also kind enough to entertain a few of our questions:

Q:What was the lighting in the kitchen like before?
A:Our kitchen's only light source was a large fluorescent ceiling light that was in the center of the room. Anytime I worked at the sink the light was behind me and it was difficult to see anything that I was doing. 

Q:What inspired you to choose that product?
A:We chose this product because it met all of our requirements. We were looking for a bendable track that had multiple pendants hanging from it, plus it was on sale, which was a bonus! 

Q:What difference has the product made in the kitchen space?  
A:I can't tell you what a difference this addition has made to our kitchen/bar area. It is beautiful, it adds a focal point to the room, plus we can now see! :-)