Our Design Your Own custom lighting tool lets you create totally personalized lighting. You can even create a lamp to match something you already have at home. Want to know how?

One of our copywriters, Andy Alt, used our DYO lighting tool to create a totally unique birthday gift. Andy designed a floor lamp to match the beautiful new Ibanez JEM77 electric guitar to give to it's creator for his birthday: composer and virtuoso guitarist, Steve Vai. The results show how easy it is to create an exact color match between a photograph and a DYO lamp, and we think his method is worth sharing.

Here's Andy on how he created a matching lamp in a matter of minutes:


Step 1: Take a digital photo of the object you want to match. It's important to take a well-lit photo and it's best to not use the flash. After you get your shot, transfer the image from your camera to your computer and open it up to view.

Step 2: Now it's time to match colors. There are many free applications for PC that can help you do this. We like Pixie, and you can download it here: http://download.cnet.com/Pixie/. If you're using an Apple computer, just navigate to Applications --> Utilities --> DigitalColor meter and open up the program.

Step 3: With your color chooser program open, mouse over the image of your object and choose an area of the image that has the color you wish to use. The color program will give you a Red/Green/Blue (RGB) value (see screenshot below). Write these RGB values on a piece of paper -- you will need them in the next step. Repeat these steps recording RGB values for other colors in your image that you also wish to use.


Step 4: Head over to www.lampsplus.com/design-it/ and choose the kind of lamp you wish to create. I think they're all cool but I gave Steve the Brushed Steel Contemporary Floor Lamp.



Step 5: Select a pattern that has the "Edit Colors!" icon on it and choose "Edit Colors in this Pattern." Select the "Advanced" tab at the bottom to customize your colors. You can select custom colors for each color swatch using the RGB values you recorded earlier. Just enter your color combinations under the respective RGB fields and select "OK."



Step 6:  Click "Next Step" to select your trim, followed by "Next Step" to finalize your design and "Add to Cart." Check out the "Matching Items" tab to see your design on other products. Now you have a custom design to match your beloved possession! Your custom-made piece will arrive at your doorstep in about a week.

You're done!


Thanks to Andy for this excellent step-by-step writeup. Now ... What inspires you? Maybe it's your dream car, a sports jersey, a handbag, wall art ... whatever! We'd love to see images of your lighting creation next to the item that inspired it. Post them to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lampsplus.