Super Neutrals Shade Design at LAMPS PLUS

What's the next hot color look? We say "super neutrals" for spring and beyond.

Lynda Gould, our in-house design expert, says, "The look uses super soft and understated color tones blended with whites and greys. The whole color spectrum can be used when the palette is toned-down and softened. This allows for multiple uses and blends into most office and home decor styles."

You can use our Design Your Own Custom Lighting tool to make your own super neutral design. Lynda created the swag chandelier pictured above using the color tones.

To recreate the four colors Lynda used above, go to the DYO tool.

When you get to the color step, select the "Advanced" tab. Then enter the following color values in the # box (at the bottom of the page) to recreate colors: eae4de, dbc8b6, c9d3be, ceb69f.

It helps if your pattern uses four colors, like the one above, but try the color values on a wide range of patterns. If you like what she made, just click on the image above to view it. Have fun and let us know what you come up with!