Calabasas Ranch House

Take a tour of this spectacular, open-plan Calabasas ranch house that was recently profiled in the L.A. Times.

The home uses energy-efficient lighting design elements throughout. Says the architect, "An energy-saving lighting control system was installed, with digital technology that allows individual programming of all lighting in the home by software accessed by personal computer."

Calabasas Ranch House Kitchen

The bright and open kitchen features recessed lighting with square housings and square-framed pendant lights.

Calabasas Ranch House Bedroom

In the bedroom, more open space, plus hanging pendant lighting with stretched shades. I love this look, as it frees-up space on the bed end tables.

Hanging Pendant Chandelier

And what do you think of this? The faux leather swag pendant pictured above offers a pretty similar look to the pendants in the bedroom shot.

Photos thanks to The Los Angeles Times.