Modern Wall Clock

Travel with us back in time to see what was happenin' in the LAMPS PLUS blog last September, 2009.

We found a Possini Euro Design floor lamp that tricked the eye: A Claes Oldenburg-Like Floor Lamp.

Natural slate stone outdoor lights look good: Natural Slate Outdoor Lighting

Kathy Ireland was dancing: Sneak Look: Kathy Ireland on Dancing With the Stars.

Toothpicks disguised themselves as a table lamp: Toothpick Umbrella Lamp.

We took no sides in the Bar Stools vs. Counter Stools debate: Barstool vs Counter Stool.

And finally, the hit show Mad Men inspired some lighting choices: Mad Men Lighting

Our clocks can't turn back the hands of time, but if you like the look above you might find more to love in our collection of decorative wall clocks.