LED Flower Vase Picture

The Philips LED Lumiware Flower Vase is a cool new design that will display your favorite flowers and put on a light show at the same time. It's not really from the future, but it feels like it!  

LED Flower Vase Photo

The vase has clear sides with built-in LEDs in the bottom. The LEDs can be set to one glowing color or can cycle thru a range of colors, from purples and blues to reds and greens. 

There's a recharging dock at the bottom that contains an integrated battery pack. You can run the LEDs with the vase attached to the dock, or un-dock it for remote use.  

Philips LED Flower Vase

It will run 10 to 12 hours on a single dock charge, and it's safe for use outdoors or on porches and patios. Now if only it could materialize the flowers when needed!