Wall Clock Picture

Just a reminder, daylight saving time ends this coming Sunday, November 7, at 2 AM. At that time you'll set your clocks back, or fall back, one hour.

If you have an iPhone, you might get even more sleep. It seems there's a bug in the iPhone’s software that doesn't account for the time change. It gave many Europeans some extra sleep this past Monday when their alarms went off an hour later than expected.  

iPhone Alarm Screen

If you create an alarm after the switch it will work, but old ones will continue to go off at the wrong time. Read more: iPhone alarm bug.

For you non-iPhone users, here are a couple of tips for dealing with the end of daylight saving time.

1) Swap dark summer lamp shades for lighter color ones that allow more light into a room.

2) Rearrange furniture so you can place floor lamps in room corners, as in the photo above. Doing so allows more light to reflect into a room.  

Landscape Lighting and Path Lights

3) Because darkness comes earlier, you'll want to have lights on when you come home at night. Look to landscape lighting with timers or outdoor lights with auto-on photocells.

Programmable Plug-in Light Timer

4) Add timers to indoor lights. This plug-in timer (see above) is easy to use and will work with CFL light bulbs.