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  • The "Perfect" Navy and Grey Table Lamp

    Modern Table Lamp Picture

    Blogger Arianna over at recently discovered the Lamps Plus Design Your Own lighting tool. While decorating her new apartment, she found she needed a way to add some color, pattern, and life to drab, cream-colored rooms.

    Using our online design tool, Arianna created this beautiful table lamp (above) to match her wall art and pick up other splashes of blue in the room. In her words:

    "I chose my own palette using RGB colors for the perfect navy and gray. The process was fun—the site was super-easy to navigate and when my lamp arrived, it was exactly what I wanted!"

    We're so glad to hear it! I made these two alternate versions of Arianna's lamp (below) to show how versatile the tool is. Create all kinds of lighting and wall art, too! Try it for yourself:

    Thanks Arianna!

    Design Your Own LampDesign Your Own Lamp

  • New Candice Olson Lighting Designs

    Candice Olson Photo

    We all love Candice Olson. If you needed proof of this, the TV design guru is riding high in 2011 with her new show, Candice Tells All, and with the new collection of Candice Olson lighting, including a number chandeliers and wall sconces. 

    Candice Olson Chandelier Photo

    Interviewed by (she's based in Toronto), Candice and had this to say about  lighting, "I love using lighting tricks to bring up highlights. When I started [as a designer], I had to take a $30 blouse and with proper lighting make it look like a $300 blouse. I use that in residential design. Take drapes -- with the proper lighting, they can look more expensive."

    And what does Candice see as the new trend? "People are looking for modern contemporary with natural materials. That element of craft brings softness and warmth to contemporary design."

    Candice Olson Table Lamps

    That mix of the modern with natural materials is clearly seen in her new collecion of lighting. The Candice Olson Sahara Table Lamp (above) melds hand-applied seashell tile with clean, contemporary forms.

    Then there's the Cecil Chandelier (seen above), which uses glass panels with hand-made, compass star etchings. A beautiful mix of the old and the modern!

    Top photo courtesy of Christine Liber, Postmedia News, and


  • Lamps Plus Makes a Cameo on The Simpsons

    Normally we feel pretty removed from the glamor of Tinsel Town, even though we're just a stone's throw away from Hollywood. Well, we're feeling pretty glitzy today after watching the most recent episode of The Simpsons.

    The episode called "Angry Dad the Movie" is available now on the Fox website, and there's a Lamps Plus reference at 15:12. While walking the Oscars red carpet, a reporter asks  Lisa who she's wearing. Lisa replies, "I believe it's from Lamps Plus."

    We don't get it either! But that hasn't stopped us from chuckling all morning. Watch a little further to see them name-drop the area where we're headquartered, Chatsworth. Hey, if you've never been to Chatsworth, you wouldn't understand.

    Likewise, if you haven't spent much time in Los Angeles, the rest of the "attractions" on this list won't make much sense, either. But I can tell you the Beverly Connection does have plenty of parking, so that's a plus.

    Watch the full episode for free here: (Season 22/Episode 14)

    Goodnight from Hollywood!

  • Spotted! Robert Abbey Table Lamps

    A Brooklyn Living Room Photo

    Thanks to blogger Nicole from So Haute, we have a fabulous Before & After to drool over this morning. This is the "After" picture above. It popped up on Apartment Therapy where Nicole shared that "her favorite pieces in the room are the bright pink lamps from Robert Abbey that I got from Lamps Plus."

    And here's the lamp that adds such great color to this room: Robert Abbey Genie Silver and Plum Ceramic Table Lamp

    Nicole really nailed the subtle color accents by picking up the lamps with the pink flowers on the table. See the "Before" and more at the original post on Brooklyn Limestone.


    photo thanks to Brooklyn Limestone

    Post Update 11/3/2016 - unfortunately we don't have this Robert Abbey lamp available anymore, but we have plenty of other Robert Abbey table lamp styles available at Lamps Plus! 

February, 2011