Lamps Plus Makes a Cameo on The Simpsons

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Normally we feel pretty removed from the glamor of Tinsel Town, even though we're just a stone's throw away from Hollywood. Well, we're feeling pretty glitzy today after watching the most recent episode of The Simpsons.

The episode called "Angry Dad the Movie" is available now on the Fox website, and there's a Lamps Plus reference at 15:12. While walking the Oscars red carpet, a reporter asks  Lisa who she's wearing. Lisa replies, "I believe it's from Lamps Plus."

We don't get it either! But that hasn't stopped us from chuckling all morning. Watch a little further to see them name-drop the area where we're headquartered, Chatsworth. Hey, if you've never been to Chatsworth, you wouldn't understand.

Likewise, if you haven't spent much time in Los Angeles, the rest of the "attractions" on this list won't make much sense, either. But I can tell you the Beverly Connection does have plenty of parking, so that's a plus.

Watch the full episode for free here: (Season 22/Episode 14)

Goodnight from Hollywood!

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  • Lamps Plus made a cameo in the Marge Be Not Proud episode back in '95. (11th episode of season seven, if you are keeping score at home.)

    Bart gets pinched for shoplifting and has the following exchange with a store detective:

    Brodka: [pounding the TV off] All right, show's over.

    Bart: Er, excuse me?

    Brodka: You think you're pretty smart, don't you?

    Bart: No.

    Brodka: Don't smart off to me, smart guy!

    Bart: [stammering] I could pay for the game.  I'll pay for it!

    Brodka: You know, that kind of mush might fly at Lamps Plus, but don't

    peddle it here.

    [Bart laughs nervously]

    Brodka: That's it, Mr. Comedian.  I'm calling your parents!

    Enjoy! :)

  • hah hah

  • I got the joke!  Her dress is by Lamps Plus because it looks like a Lampshade.


Lamps Plus Makes a Cameo on The Simpsons