Summertime Solutions 1 & 2

1. Use an extra oven mitt to store all your barbeque gear. 

2. Reuse your old Crocs as a new planter.  


Summertime Solutions 3 & 4 

3. A colander holds the ice and the icebucket collects the water.  

4. One of those..."why didn't I think of that?"  moments.


Summertime Solutions 5 & 6

5.  Labels + Skewer + Lime = Place Cards

6. Apple + Candle =  Centerpiece


Summertime Solutions 7 & 8

7. Use ribbon to tie the bottle opener to the bucket handle.  This way it won't get lost.

8.  Reuse an old colander as a planter.  Great drainage!


Summertime Solutions 9 & 10

9. Use toothpicks and name tags to introduce your guest to the cheeses.

10. A cupcake liner can catch all the drips from a popscicle--unless you are like me and it never seems to last that long.

If you have a summertime tip, I would enjoy hearing from you.  Just drop me a line in the comments.  Thanks!!


Images courtesy of CFA Brdige Designs, House Logic, Martha Stewart, Real Simple and Tree Hugger.