The first design element I noticed when I visited my friend's home for the first time was his 24" x 24" oversized hanging pendant lights in his living room. Because of their size, the fixtures demanded attention and became the focal point of the room.

Extra large furniture and lighting fixtures add so much drama to any space. Designer Philippe Starck is known for incorporating oversized furniture and furnishings to make a bold and confident statement.

A common misconception about selecting fixtures is that you need a large space to incorporate a large lighting fixture. A designer shared with me a trick for giving the perception of a larger space - fill it with oversized furnishings that fill the room. The room will feel larger than the actual square footage. 

In the kitchen, our first instinct is to hang small pendants over the island. The fixtures provide a small amount of light and serve more as a decorative element. The large round pendants in the image below give the kitchen a completely different look.

Below are a few Lamps Plus oversized lighting fixtures that would look great in the kitchen, over the dining room table, or in the living room.

White Four Light 24" Wide Pendant Chandelier $279.99

Possini Euro Planetarium Energy Saving Pendant Chandelier $399.99

Possini Euro Planet Chrome and Black Pendant Chandelier $299.99


Images: Rondell Sheridan,, A Residence Apart, little blue deer