Some people call it an elastic or elastic band, others a binder.  If you’re visiting a foreign country, you might hear it referred to as a laggy, a lackey band or gumband.   No matter what you call it, there are many uses for this dynamic and colorful invention.  Here are a few of my favorites, for summer or any time.

Flatware & Flower Ideas 

1. Keep flatware sets together.

2. Secure a flower to of a vase.


Vase and Glass Ideas

3. Use several to cover the outside of a vase. 

4. Different colors differentiate glasses.


 Jar and Cutting Ideas

5. In conjunction with fabric to cover jars. 

6. To keep things together while cutting.


Paint and Gift Ideas

7. To help drain off extra paint. 

8. As decoration on a package.


Lampshade & Chair Ideas

9. Add a touch of color to a lampshade. 

10. To help create a chair and ottoman.


If you have a creative use for this amazing item, I would enjoy hearing from you.

Images courtesy of Southern Living, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Inhabitat and Tree Hugger.