Take a vacation by stepping into your own backyard.  With the right paint scheme, seating and accessories, you can feel transported to a resort vacation.  Don't worry ... This is achievable even for small spaces, modest budgets and black thumbs.

Great weather is calling you to enjoy or entertain, whether it's creating a shady haven from the sun, or a fire-lit evening dinner.  Either way, delicious drinks are required!  Ice-cold lemonade or spiked watermelon punch in the shade.  Hot chocolate or warm tea for the fireside.

Garages and carports have great hidden potential and can be transformed into surprisingly beautiful spaces.  One of the best reasons to invest in your outdoor space?  It's not only fun and relaxing, it also increases the usable square footage of your home, giving you more bang for your buck.

Garage Transformation

Carport Turned Party Room

Small Space Outdoor Room.  This "small" space tickles me.  It's huge by city standards!  Regardless, not everyone can build a permanent structure like a fireplace on their patios.  Try a fire pit or chimenea instead.  They're affordable, portable and storable.

Courtyard Entertaining.  No matter what the condition of your outdoor space, seating and a method of enclosure makes the space feel private and inviting.  Curtains and screens enclose spaces and have excellent potential for color.

Outdoor Living Room.  String lights instantly define a space and give it mood.

(Images:  Southern Living.)