Jessica Alba Photo with Kari Whitman

We are very happy to welcome celebrity interior designer Kari Whitman to the Lamps Plus blog. Kari has collaborated with a wide range of Hollywood celebrities, including Kristen Bell, Virginia Madsen and Jessica Alba.

Her work is widely seen in top design magazines as well as "In Style" and "US Weekly." She's also hosted her own show, "Designer to the Stars," on the WE network.

Kari will be writing for us twice a month, so make sure to check back often to see her most recent posts. Welcome, Kari!

The style and sophistication of Old Hollywood is back with a modern twist. My celebrity clients like Jessica Alba are embracing hip elegance with a dose of sexy shock value on both the red carpet and in their interiors.

Shimmery walls and fabrics add definite drama, glamour and richness to rooms, and foil wallpapers, sparkly brocades and materials woven with metallics are on trend.

A Metallic-Themed Bedroom Photo

Great vintage pendant lighting (browse online to find a modern pendant light design) and metallic walls are the perfect match in Virginia Madsen's lush bedroom with a nod to Hollywood elegance.

I love to mix a silvery dust with paints and plasters of every color—blues, grays, browns, greens, even black! I used my “magic dust” throughout a home I recently designed for a cool, young Prince and it added such a wow factor! Gorgeous sheens from every angle, ranging from subtle to dramatic depending on how much I added to each finish.

     Contemporary Chandelier Photo

Great lighting is always in style and the current trends strike the perfect balance between modern and glam.  I like elegant pieces that sparkle and make a statement.

Jessica Alba House Photo

I created an ode to vintage glamour for Jessica Alba’s Living Room. The elegant crystal chandelier and striking table lamps tie the old and modern touches together perfectly.  

Rectangular Pendant Chandelier Photo

To infuse your own interiors with a high-end Hollywood vibe, add dramatic lighting that reflects your personality and aesthetic.  I love vintage and antique lighting; it’s sophisticated, stylish and unique. But contemporary products eliminate the need to have any rewiring done and if there’s ever an issue, it’s usually simple to exchange at a local store.

Clear Crystal Ceiling Light

Pendants can create an especially great focal point. Brushed nickel finishes, chrome and glass catch the light and add a modern edge.

I also love the option to mix and match lighting styles and still have an underlying aesthetic likeness. You can create your own Hollywood vibe by using the same lamps with different finishes, sizes and shades. Or integrate pendants, sconces and lamps with similar lines and finishes.

Clear Crystal Pendant Light

So if you want to vamp up your home’s sex appeal or add classic sophistication, today’s lighting styles offer the perfect opportunity to integrate old Hollywood glamour in a way that perfectly suits your personality and décor!

And check back every two weeks for my tips on lighting, eco-friendly design, summer style and much more. I'm so happy to be a part of this team and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Photos thanks to In-Style and photographers Art Streiber and Christopher Covey.