Mary McDonald Home Design Project

I wouldn't say I watch a lot of television, but I do have my favorite shows - ahem..."Million Dollar Decorators." I'll admit I enjoy the show equally for its inspiring designs and dramatic personalities. Every designer on the show is very different, and I love the mix of styles and personalities.

Who is your favorite designer on "Million Dollar Decorators?" Just to recap, below is a little bit of information about each designer.

Mary McDonald: One of her favorite projects is featured in the images above. Her style is very glamourous and she has a bit of a diva side. I love her choice for the painted geometric print floors and the wallpaper along the staircase.

Nathan Turner Project

Nathan Turner: He seems more even tempered than the other designers. I love his perspective on contemporary design and his incorporation of bright textiles. The living room from one of Nathan's projects (featured above) is clean and simple, yet still so beautiful.

Kathryn Ireland Project

Kathryn Ireland: Kathryn is known for her colorful and playful textile line and complementing interior designs. She wants spaces to feel comfortable and unpretentious. Kathryn is very generous and it would be a treat to attend one of her dinner parties.

Jeffrey Alan Marks Project

Jeffrey Alan Marks: Besides the fact that Jeffrey is incredibly beautiful, I like his style of design. He adds unexpected elements to the space, such as a row boat hanging from the ceiling in a master bedroom and a rope used for a staircase railing.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and Personal Home

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard: There is no denying that Martyn is both extremely talented and a bit of a diva. With a client roster made up of the Osbournes, Elton John, and Cher (to name a few), he has definitely earned his reputation of a top designer. I love his ability to completely shift his design style depending on the client's dream home.

My favorite designer is....Kathryn Ireland! One of my favorite elements of her designs is her abundance of textiles. I also love how her designs always feel welcoming and lived-in. Who is your favorite designer from the show?

Images: The Real Estalker, Nathan Turner, Kathryn M. Ireland, Jeffrey Alan Marks, LXTV - Designer Living: Martyn Lawrence-Bullard