Refined Traditional Bathroom

Refined Traditional is associated with the subtle straight lines, the opulence of brushed metal and a hint of luxury.  This style is steadfast in tradition, yet is not stuffy, it suggests that you bring in a bit of luxe to juxtapose. 

Here is how you can re-create our Refined Traditional look in three easy steps:

1. Create Harmony and Cohesiveness
The uniformity of a finish helps creates harmony and cohesiveness.  See how subtle the brushed metal scone base, towel bar, soap dispenser and waste basket seem to be? That is because your eye moves from object to object smoothly without stopping.

This is a great designer trick that is easy to implement in any room.
2. Opulence
Add some opulence with a unique and unexpected piece.  In this case, the black zebra indoor outdoor rug adds an exotic feature while being very practical too. 

Using an area rug, throw or pillows in with an unexpected pattern can do the same thing in your home décor.

3. Furniture
This refined bathroom vanity set is a perfect example of the subtle straight lines that define the Refined Traditional look. 

If you like this look, consider the lines when selecting end tables, nightstands or even a dining table.

Like what you see? Shop this Refined Traditional bathroom.