Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Picture

This serene photo of Jackie O., vacationing in Portofino in 1961, inspired this 4th of July decor theme.  Patriotic style is typically characterized by military blues like navy or royal.  Instead of those cold versions of blue, this photo of Jackie O. made me create a palette of warm blues like ocean, teal and sea foam.  

Accented with red accessories and spare nautical touches, warm blues are perfect in conveying patriotic style without hitting you over the head with the good ol' red, white and blue.   Plus, anything inspired by Jackie O. is sure to be a hit.  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is a classic icon that will never go out of style.

Sea Worthy Style

By adding any of the above items you are on your way to creating a seaworthy look.  This look can be easily achieved by using ocean inspired textures, like sea glass, and colors like Sky Blue or Clear Ocean. You can also choose soft metal tones reminiscent of those on a well-loved ship.

  1. Maroon and Black Model Sailboat. 
  2. Recycled Glass Melon Table Lamp. 
  3. Howard Miller Propeller 9" Wide Alarm Clock.
  4. Robert Abbey 22 3/4" Peacock Blue Ceramic and Bronze Lamp.


Collection inspired by Jackie O's scarf

This collection of items was inspired by the scarf Jackie is wearing on the yacht.  Taking the red as inspiration from the scarf, incorporate it into your space with a chandelier with a red shade.  The classic pattern can be incorporated with pillows and  the blue colors through a lamp base, side table or stool.

  1. Sky Blue Glaze Ceramic Ottoman. 
  2. Red Ribbon Swag Style Plug-In Chandelier.  
  3. Melissa Ceramic Blue and Teal Table Lamp. 
  4. Small Madona Rectangular Pillow.  


Nautical Style

Get a patriotism nautical look by thinking outside of the box. The great maritime end table is perfect!  The rivet detail reminds me of a great sea liner. The Aqua chandelier provides an unexpected and happy color while staying on theme, while the red stool pulls its color inspiration right from our country's flag.  The turquoise of the room screen reminds me of those small villages in Greece.  That reminds me, it is summer.  Time to book a trip to Greece!  Anyone want to go with me?

  1. Maritime Brass and Reclaimed Teak End Table.  
  2. Aqua Blue Ribbon Swag Style Plug-In Chandelier.  
  3. Color Story Crimson Red 24" High Counter Stool.  
  4. Turquoise Blue Spider Web Room Screen.  


(Post written by Angie & Michael.  Images:  Mark Shaw for Life magazine, Lamps Plus.)