New Jersey Shore Coast Photo

Let me just clarify there will be no blatant mention of Snooki, JWoww, The Situation or any of the other cast members of the show in this post.  Okay, maybe just at the beginning.  Anyway, this post is about the other Jersey Shore, the original, the one where you go to soak up the rays, relax with friends and of course discuss reality TV. 

Here are five great furnishings ideas that could have been inspired by the “Original” Jersey Shore.

Round Silver Mirror

1. The edges of this graceful mirror remind me of the shape of waves.



White Leather Sofa

 2. This white stylish and sophisticated sofa is reminescent of white cap waves and clouds.


Blue Floral Indoor Outdoor Rug

3.  The ocean and sky can be seen in this fun and stylish area rug.



Glass Coffee Table

 4. Clear as the Jersey sky (at least in our inspiration photo) this stunning modern glass coffee table is a great choice.


Green Etched Lamp

5.  A great translation from the beach grass on the Jersey Shore, this eye-catching green glass table lamp will add a natural spin to your home decor. 

There you have it, five ideas from the "Original" Jersey Shore. 

Top photo from Google Images