Meghan Carter Contest: Win a Design Consultation, $250 Shopping Spree and a Signed Book

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Megahn Carter


Do you need help discovering your interior design style or guidance on selecting the perfect color for your space? Well, now is your chance to win the perfect Lamps Plus Home Decor Trifecta! Simply enter the Meghan Carter Contest. The winner will receive a personal design consultation with Meghan Carter, author of The Meghan Method, a $250 online Lamps Plus shopping spree to implement Meghan’s advice into your home, and a signed copy of Meghan’s book.

Enter now through August 16, 2011. Only one entry per day please.

It is easy to enter! There are three ways-
• Leave a comment on this blog post explaining why you deserve to have your room redone with help from Meghan (my favs!)

• Follow Lamps Plus and tweet... " @MeghanCarter I should win the @LampsPlus redo because:” ( Lamps Plus Twitter page)

• Email us at explaining why you deserve to have your room redone with help from Meghan

Be sure to leave a valid email address or Twitter handle with your entry so we can contact you.

View the complete contest rules (PDF file; requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Connect with Meghan on Facebook to get more decorating tips and helpful home advice.

Images courtesy of Meghan Carter 

** 8-17-11 This contest has officially closed.**

Post Addendum 9-2-11:
We are pleased to announce that Lauren W. from Richmond Hill, Georgia, is the winner. She will be getting a Meghan Carter Design Consultation, Signed Book and a $250 Shopping Spree.  Congratulations to Lauren and thank you all for entering!

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  • I am a 38yo disabled mother of two who suffers from Rhuematoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.  I suffer alot from chronic pain and it is common that I will have days that make it very difficult to walk and get around my house, much less clean and decorate a room. I have a wonderful supportive husband and kids(ages15&12) that do so much to help me out and to help keep things clean. My husband of 19yrs is a very hard worker and works alot of overtime and still takes care of things at home and drives me to Dr appts and infusions. My kids, Cody ,15  and Becca, 12, are great kids who are active in sports and Honor roll students. My hardworking, loving family is the reason I think we deserve to have a room redone where we can forget about the health issues and enjoy a comfortable, stylish, finished living room where we can relax and just enjoy being a family. I would be so thankful to be able to give my family such a gift as a thank you for all they do for me.

  • Dear Meghan,

    I would absolutely love to win your Lamps Plus redo!  Two months ago, my mom was shockingly diagnosed with stage 4 adenocarcinoma (terminal lung cancer).  She is 77 years old and left her home, church, and good friends back in Peoria, Illinois and is living with my sister in Orange Park, FL so she can have chemotherapy treatments in Jacksonville, FL.  My sister has lived alone for over 15 years, devoting all her efforts to her 2 children (and now 1 grandson!) and her home decor has come very low on her list of priorities.  I know they would both love some colorful spaces to look at each day!  My mom spends most of her time inside, and my sister has been able to adapt her work schedule so she, too, can be home the majority of the time.  I drive down from Charlotte, NC every 3 weeks or so to help where I can.  I'm a faux finisher, but definitely not a color/design/decor expert!  We really would love the help of a professional. Please help us create some uplifting spaces for our mom!!  Thanks!

    Jennifer Serrano

    Huntersville, NC

  • I deserve to have my living room redone with help from Meghan because everything is so bare and outdated. Having my room furnished with new furniture and a modern style would definitely help my house feel more like a home!


  • I deserve to have my room redone because all my walls are bare, and the room is just bland. I need help!!!! :)

  • Hi. Glad to see your website up and running. Looks great!  I would love to win a consultation with you for decorating. I love the country French style, but I have no decorating imagination!  I work as an RN in the ICU and am quite busy with little time to read about decorating. I could really use some help with lighting also.

    Good luck with all that you do.



  • Oh!  I just have a room downstairs where I've had sons live for 17 years.  The carpet is 31 years old, and the walls have been painted to match their "epic" personality.  This room will be mine soon as I'm expecting the son still occupying it to be moving out and on to his own apartment in a bit.  It must be transformed to something much lighter and prettier, perhaps even a workout room, or an office, or maybe even a guest room!  I would love the creative help! :D

  • Hi Meghan! My husband and I were flushed out of New Orleans by Katrina 6 years ago.  We lost everything and moved to Dallas for a few years.  We are finally back on our feet and building a new home in the heart of the city!  We are so excited and, as you can imagine, we want this home to be a beacon of comfort and strength (No hurricane is going to break our spirit!) I'm starting with a completely clean slate and  following the steps outlined in your book but I need help to finish the race--there are too many choices out there! I deserve your help because I epitomize your advice to FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

  • I deserve to have my room redone with help from you, Meghan, because I am a huge fan of yours!  I've spent countless hours watching your how-to videos on and I would love to have your expertise and talent in decorating my room!   My house is a cozy 1929 bungalow with hard wood floors, a little archway, and a gorgeous pressed tin ceilings.  We just finished having the floors refinished in my living room and I would love, love, love to have your help decorating the space.

  • I think I deserve to have Meghan Carter help me with decorating b/c I am 61 years old and due to an accident that my husband had at work we lost our home and now are starting all over. We are buying a 12' x 34' Derksen building to live in. So I am starting from scratch.I need help in designing the space as to make use of every inch. But I am happy and looking forward to making a small space into a loving "HOME SWEET HOME"

  • Megan, I would LOOOOOVE to meet you and get your help! My husband and I just bought our first house, and I'm at such a loss as to what to do. I recently suffered a miscarriage, and I thought our new house would be the perfect distraction during the healing process. I've been desperate to find some comfort in a place that is all ours, but it's proven to be such an undertaking, I'm overwhelmed and we're on a tight budget, so not much has gotten done. I'm already second-guessing what HAS been done, and am beyond frustrated and feeling so lost - not quite the happy home I had envisioned. My story surely isn't unique and my goal isn't to be dramatic. I simply crave a happy, comforting place for my husband and I to enjoy together while we await the growth of our family. Thank you so much for your book and for being so accessible - I hope to meet you someday soon! :)

  • I would like help because I have ideas and know what I like but need help pulling it together into a cohesive balanced look that reflects what I want my home to be.

  • Ok I do not have any disabilities but, what I do have is a desire for you to come and makeover my kitchen.  About 3 yrs ago when we moved into our house I decided i didn't like the white cabinets.  So I decided I was going to paint them.  I went to Lowes to get advice on how to prime the cabinets.  I did exactly what they said to do, sanded, primed then dried.  The next step was to paint them. Again following their instructions exactly.  I painted waited hours before they dried and then applied another coat. Cabinets looked wonderful so i thought.  I went a burnt red.  Then the nightmare began.  I spent hours and days getting my kitchen the way I wanted it. I put all the doors back on the cabinets everything looked good.  Until I touched them.  The paint literally peeled .off in my hands.  One BIG giant mess.  All my  hard work down the drain.  Needless to say I was not a happy camper.  What was I too do live with cabinets like that.  No, I couldn't  so I started from scratch again taking the advice of the experts.  I used and oil based primer this time and painted the cabinets and then stained them.  They looked better but, still the paint comes off.  So now I live with cabinets that I look at all day in discuss.  Not the dream kitchen I envisioned.  When I look at my kitchen all I see is my hard work and money down the drain.  I would love to be able to be proud of my kitchen.  As you  know this is where everybody gathers.  Please pick me for a makeover and make my dream kitchen a reality.  Thanks :-)

  • I have a small space with old furnishings.  I need help with organizing and updating my room.


  • I deserve a Megan Method Design consult, b/c I have good karma!  As a nurse, I care and give to the world!  LOL! Seriously though, I cannot afford to make any mistakes, and there is a lot to do.  My living room is very awkward, every wall chopped up with doors, windows, and a poorly placed fireplace, a half bay window.  Even if I don't win, I would appreciate any advice.  I can't seem to find a focal point!  Thank you for this great opportunity.

  • it would be cool to get my room redone since we moved. or a least get some tips. I dont think i deserve it i didnt do anything and reading others was touching, i just wanted to put my two cents in and maybe get lucky and win. thanks for your time have a great one

Meghan Carter Contest: Win a Design Consultation, $250 Shopping Spree and a Signed Book