5 Organization and Space Saving Ideas for Kid's Rooms

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Kids Room Organization and Built-in Seating

1. Built-in Seating Nooks: Instead of having a few chairs floating around the bedroom, I like to design built-in seating nooks that can also double as storage. The nook in the image featured above is very unique, but you can also create something more basic. My favorite type of seating is a built-in bench with a cushion and drawers. Kids can sit on the bench and read books and put their toys in the drawers at the end of the day. Constructing a custom piece of furniture allows you to design a piece that is the exact size that fits the space.

Kids Room Organization and Vertical Space

2. Utilize Vertical Space: Let's face it, kids can accumulate a lot of toys and books. It is sometimes hard to keep a kid's room clutter free and organized. When designing a kid's space be sure to have enough storage to keep the space organized. A solution for making the most of possible storage space is incorporating floor-to-ceiling shelving or bookcases. You can put the least used toys (or fragile toys, piggy banks, etc.) on the top shelves and the child's favorite toys on the lower shelves for easy access.

Kids Room Organization and Bunk Beds

3. Bunk Beds: Bunk beds are so much fun! I wish I was a kid again and could sleep on the top bunk just below the ceiling. Siblings sharing a room can be a challenge, but can also be a fun experience. Bunk beds make use of the vertical space and can be multi-functional with built-in shelving or a desk. The bottom bunk can serve as extra seating during the day.

Kids Room Organization and Creative Solutions

4. Get Creative: I haven't seen many kid's rooms that are as small as this closet bedroom. The mom was forced to come up with a creative solution to fit both kids in the small closet space. Therefore, she installed the crib above the toddler bed to create her own version of a bunk bed. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box to create your own space saving and organization solutions.

Kids Room Organization and Hanging Clothes

5. No Closet - No Problem: I love how hanging clothes on a branch looks so cool (and intentional) in the image above. Kid's rooms are sometimes converted from a former home office, closet, and other spaces and may not include an existing closet. If you opt not to go for the bold look, purchasing an armoire for the space will give you both drawers for folded clothes and upper space to hang the remaining clothes.

What are your ideas for making the most out of a kid's bedroom and keeping it organized?

Images: Glo, Design Sponge, Tinywhitedaisies, Ohdeedoh, the boo and the boy

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  • I did love sleeping on the top bunk. It made it easy to read in bed and when my brother was reading in bed the light didn't bother me much. It is probably also the easiest way to save space in the bedroom. I just wish my bunk bed was as cool as the one you have pictured. www.brucethebedking.com/bunk-beds-bookcase-beds-platform-beds

5 Organization and Space Saving Ideas for Kid's Rooms