Alternative Night Stand Ideas and Step Table

I am always trying to think of creative ways to design a personal and unique space. Finding alternative uses for products or bringing in an unexpected piece can offer a wow factor for any space. It can be much easier to use furniture for its intended use, but if you think outside the box just a bit you can create a design that is very special. Using alternative night stands allows you to play with scale, materials, and overall aesthetic of the piece. 

Step Table: The table is visually interesting and allows for the display of accessories, books, picture frames, etc. The top shelf could even hold a smaller lamp. What makes the piece (in the image featured above) extra unique is its distressed aesthetic. 

Alternative Night Stand Ideas and Bar Carts

Bar Cart Night Stands: I visited my friends in their downtown loft and as they were showing me around their space, I noticed that the bedroom nightstands looked larger than typical bedside tables. I looked at them more closely and noticed that they were actually bar carts. They picked up the matching bar carts at a flea market and loved the idea of using them in the bedroom.

Alternative Night Stand Ideas and Suitcases

Suitcases: Why not make use out of old suitcases. To create a functional nightstand (featured above), the suitcases are elevated on two wooden legs. To create a flat surface and add more interest, a wooden tray tops off the stacked suitcases.

Alternative Night Stand Ideas and Wall Mounted Shelving

Wall Mounted Shelving: The shelving is a great way to save space in the bedroom. I love how the shelves can be mounted at any height, so you don't have to reach down to grab your favorite book.

Alternative Night Stand Ideas and Ladder

Vintage Ladder: The ladder provides many different options to display books and accessories. This is one of my favorite options for a bedside table.

What is your favorite alternative night stand idea?

Images: la belle vie, Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, Better Homes and GardensMartha Stewart