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We all need them, but do we love them? Bathrooms are a necessity, unless of course you are a survivalist or outward bound type. Seriously, bathroom design can be challenging and if you have the luxury of a powder room at home you should make it shine. I will show you powder rooms with pizzazz and some bathroom design ideas that will improve the look and function of one of your most used loo.  

Bathroom Renovation

Super pretty, right? I’m mad for “heart” wallpaper and faux stone linoleum. Not. Are you plagued with a something similar? No worries as there is hope.

Chinoiserie Powde Room Design

That’s more like it. It’s important to remember that powder rooms are small so you can decorate a tad more luxuriously with little guilt. One design touch I love in a powder room is the use of wallpaper. Go bold if you can handle it. This powder room introduces a touch of chinoiserie. The red lacquer vanity is a decidedly modern touch with a nod to classic Chinese lacquer. The bird motif wallpaper and pagoda shaped mirror reinforces the theme. Keep in mind that lighting should be flattering. Sconces with colored shades soften light creating a jeweled affect.

Jewel-Toned Powder Room

I could spend an entire evening in here and be happy. Again, bold wallpaper makes this bathroom feel decadent, especially coupled with the jewel-like sconces and gold mirror. Don’t forget the fine linen guest towels, flowers and fragrance. These little touches make guests feel special.

Traditional Brass Sconce

Simple yet elegant touches like this classic brass sconce will result in rave reviews.     

French-Style Powder Room

This powder room is a little more formal but includes all of the classic elements of great bathroom design I discussed such as pretty wallpaper, glamorous sconces and a French-inspired mirror in gold. 

Traditional Square Mirror

Here is a perfect gilt mirror to recreate this look for a lot less. Is there anything better than affordable luxury?

Vintage Bathroom

If you have a vintage powder room with sinks and toilets in good condition why not simply wallpaper the walls and install a more luxurious linen roman shade with matching towels. A few fancy touches go a long way.

Classic Style Wall Sconce

Install a classic frosted sconce to create a vintage vibe in your powder room.

Formal Powder Room

If money were no object, may I direct your attention to the image above? It’s a dream. From the private toilet alcove and classic French stone floor to the Venetian mirror and crisp linen towels, this powder room hits all the marks.

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas

While formal can be fun, let’s not forget the possibilities of creating a contemporary powder room. No doubt the backlit mirror makes this room glow, not to mention the muted tones. The trough sink is heavenly. This room reminds me of a great hotel bathroom, the kind that are soothing, zen, and an all-around calming space.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

This powder room includes both contemporary touches as well as some classic tricks of the trade. The rough stacked stone adds a natural element and great contrast to the slick backlit mirror. The hanging filament light is a nod to traditional sconces but strikes a very modern tone. Whether contemporary or classic, amping up your powder room will not only please you but your guests alike. 

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