Living Room Design and Kevin Corn

Today I have the pleasure of introducing interior designer Kevin Corn. Kevin comes to the interior design industry with a unique and interesting background. He spent six years working for Ralph Lauren styling their Polo retail stores. When working with clients, Kevin provides a personal experience and tries to create the feeling of "home" in his designs. 

LAMPS PLUS: What is the inspiration behind your designs?

KEVIN CORN: I love to inspire my clients to use their homes as "home." Comfort, family, and the ease of living in California are what inspires me. Also, of course the light here is fantastic.

Designer Interview and Kevin Corn

LAMPS PLUS: What is your current color crush?

KEVIN CORN: Any color that is worn. Key words: driftwood, fumed, bleached, tumbled, and sanded!

LAMPS PLUS: Right now, I am obsessed with...

KEVIN CORN: Rose Tarlow Melrose House leathers and Paul Ferante lighting finishes...amazing colors and feels so good to touch!

Kevin Corn Designed Living Room

LAMPS PLUS: What is your favorite item in your own home?

KEVIN CORN: Any and all of the photography that I've collected over the years...and my ice cream maker, of course.

LAMPS PLUS: How has working at Ralph Lauren prior to designing for clients influences your future designs?

KEVIN CORN: Working for Ralph Lauren was really like getting a graduate degree not only in good design, but in style and gracious living. Working on so many different "lifestyles" with Ralph Lauren taught me how to listen and interpret my clients ideals.

LAMPS PLUS: How do you incorporate inspirations from travels into your designs?

KEVIN CORN: I am a huge fan of Americana! I travel throughout the United States and am always amazed by the work of local artists and craftspeople. There are stories behind all they produce and it's the stories and memories that when put into design, create a home.

Kevin Corn Designed Rustic Living Room

LAMPS PLUS: How do you approach designing the lighting scheme for a home?

KEVIN CORN: I LOVE good lighting, especially good reading light and often start by discussing with the client his/her needs for the bedroom, office, and living areas. How much entertaining do they plan on doing? I recently finished upgrading the lighting for a long time client. Years ago the living room was meant to be sexy and moody for cocktail parties. Now more recessed lighting, better and more efficient table lamps are needed for all of the kid's birthday parties. I think that lighting is an area where change can happen quickly and have a big impact.

LAMPS PLUS: What is your ideal client?

KEVIN CORN: All of my clients are different in personality, style, and how they like to live. They are all my ideal...just like the next new client will be.

LAMPS PLUS: What is the most common decorating mistake people make?

KEVIN CORN: Scale! If you plan on ordering from online or a catalog, keep a tape measure and a ruler handy. That painting on your laptop screen that looks so big, may actually be a postcard.

LAMPS PLUS: What are your favorite two bedroom chandeliers from Lamps Plus?


Antique Nickel Beehive Pendant at Lamps Plus

Antique Nickel Beehive Pendant: Depending on the room size, this is a fantastic light. While not a chandelier, it is still very soothing and sexy. I could even see two of the pendants on either side of the bed instead of table lamps.

Quoizel Shelby Sand Bisque 35" Wide Chandelier at Lamps Plus

Quoizel Shelby Sand Bisque 35" Wide Chandelier: I think this is a great looking chandelier and would work with many styles from formal to casual. Adding shades could make it very romantic for any bedroom.


Images: Courtesy of Kevin Corn