So, who doesn’t occasionally indulge the delicious fantasy of being snowed in at a warmly lit winter cabin,  with just the right book, just the right person - and a couple of bottles of just the right wine? And, since the cabin’s crackling log fire can’t be the only light, when the moon and stars set the snow outside to glistening, there’s also the matter of the right lighting and décor. Even if you don’t have a weekend cabin under snow-draped pines and cedars, you can bring a touch of the experience into the right parts of your own home with a bit of thought about the elements.

Remember, this is a sensibility that combines the relaxed with the elegant - think vintage wood pieces with unfinished, even crude touches, like a hand-hewn stool and lots of visible function. Pegs and hooks are great for lending that touch. 

When it comes to the lighting, don’t be reluctant to indulge in a bit of whimsy or nostalgia for the folk art gestures and were so characteristic of the high country lodges in bygone eras. Sconces and hanging pendants that recall the beaten copper and mica shades of the Arts and Crafts era are available in affordable reproduction and, combined with candles and firelight, create a mood that brings the burnished butterscotch romance of the past into the present. A few items to capture the mood: A pinecone buffet table lamp,  a carved table lamp with green mica shade, and rustic wall lights.

Wherever you are, the real attraction of the cabin fantasy is that it suggests an island of refuge and quiet, which are qualities a little thought and pleasant planning can bring to any space.        

Image credits:  Jom Manilat,  Old Chum, Revolve Photography, and Jen the Pen.