Formal and Modern Rooms

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the holiday bloat. Bloat not only around my middle from too much food, but domestic bloat from the excess of gifts and decorations. A good cleanse is in order for both health and home. I’m not sure whether traditional minimalist design is an actual term, but I like it and it essentially says what it means. I look at it as a way to remain traditional at heart but willing to eliminate the “bloat” of too much stuff.

Minimalism doesn’t need to be sterile, rather, it’s about the selection of a few key items that can affect your space. For example, the room above screams traditional due to the priceless architecture, but it is simply adorned. The daring, modern chandelier is a wonderful counterpoint to the fanciful wood, plasterwork and fireplace. Notice the absence of “stuff.”

Foyer Design

This foyer embodies this design aesthetic beautifully. Good architecture and a few key design choices. Simple antique pieces punctuate the green interior offering practical, stylish solutions to the needs of a front hall. The blue glass hurricane chandelier pops and adds interest. 

Hurricane Style Lighting

Lighting fixtures can have serious affect in any room, but sets the tone for your house if it’s in the foyer. This etched glass, hurricane hanging light is based on a traditional English style. Decorative hanging pendant lights such as this add a classic and traditional touch to any room. 

French Interiors

Classic herringbone floors are a rich base for any interior. The room is clearly traditional and has been kept sparse to enhance the architecture by using just a few monochromatic items. The brass chandelier is unadorned, minimal yet classic in form.

Traditional Living Room Decor

Simplicity is the order of the day with this living room. Elegant, but not overdone. It’s been kept so minimal that the pictures have not even been hung, and the lighting comes in the form of a floor lamp. Nary a fixture on the wall or one from above.

Home Office Design Ideas

Unadorned floors is another hallmark of the traditional minimalist office as it has been seen in the other rooms above. Keeping things basic is always best if this is the look you are trying to achieve. A computer, table lamp and just a few decorative things are all you need for inspiration.

Avant Garde Decorating Ideas

Books as art and furniture!  

Traditional Interior

I always think of a well-stocked bar as a thing of beauty, and maybe now you will concur? Simple walls and floors let the elegant lines of what looks to be a 1930s bar cart take center stage.

Old Fashioned Style Bathroom

I know, this post should have been about herringbone floors! Seriously, they are so gorgeous, why would anyone want to cover them up? A bathroom in the traditional minimalist design. Who knew that a fresh look at interiors would be so slimming? Bye bye bloat, hello simple and stylish.

Photos courtesy of artandlair, Domino, lonnymag.