Clean Design Front Hall

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. No doubt you have heard that before when it comes to personal interactions, but it is also relevant when it comes to your home. Just like you want to dazzle folks at a cocktail party or on a job interview, you should want your foyer to dazzle as well. Creating amazing entryways starts with being practical and then making sure those basics are chic.  Interior design rules apply to your halls as well so here are the four key things you need to know.

Traditional Front Hall Design


Every well-appointed entry should have a mirror. While I would never accuse you of vanity, mirrors can come in handy for guests needing to primp or to make sure one’s hat is on straight. From an aesthetic perspective, mirrors can be a perfect design choice for small spaces as they reflect light and expand narrow spaces.

Art Deco Front Hall Design Ideas


Any way you slice it, lighting plays a key role in the success of any front hall. Most front halls have some form of ceiling light, but if you have room for a table or chest, adding a decorative table lamp will add warmth. This eclectic entry is large enough to offer guests ample seating, surface space for display, as well as high-styled wall sconces in an Art Deco design. Together, a winning combination.

Minimalist Home Design


Whether you need a spot to put on shoes, drop a handbag, or throw down your coat, seating or a bench is another key element needed for a well appointed entry. This minimalist entry knocks it out of the park. Simple overhead lighting, a large mirror, seating and baskets for storage. By creating a cohesive design style you set the stage for what your guests are likely to see. Here, there is an emphasis on earthy, simple and natural design.  

Sparse Front Hall Design


This entry combines the best of traditional architecture with Mid-Century decoration. If you have room in your foyer, try to incorporate a chest. Not only will it provide a surface for everyday items such as keys, phones, and glasses, it will also provide extra storage for items you don’t want guests to see. In a small house or apartment you can use drawers for clothing, bedding, or linens. Don’t forget a chest of drawers can always be repurposed and used for store clothing in a bedroom later on.

Entryway Benches

This traditional entry hall bench above (currently unavailable) is a true multi-purpose piece of furniture. In one fell swoop, you can turn your foyer into a truly functional space. Offering storage, seating hooks and a mirror, the bench is the epitome of the amazing entry. 

Photos courtesy of Pinterest