Little Brown Pen yellow Paris metro

*******UPDATE 1/7/13******** Little Brown Pen is now called Obvious State.

Today Style Illuminated welcomes photographer Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen (now Obvious State) as our guest blogger. After moving to Paris in 2009, what began as photography for Nichole's daily blog posts blossomed into a three-year project photographing the city of light. This spring, Chronicle Books is publishing a collection of her photography entitled Paris in Color. Welcome, Nichole


I moved to Paris in the winter of 2009. January was cold and gray, but neither the temperature nor the relentless clouds kept me from exploring my new neighborhood. One of the first things I noticed was how color - any color - popped against the neutral gray palette created by the wintry sky and white Haussmann buildings. I believe red was the first color I shot. I noticed an awning, a chair and a bike in a similar shade of red within a block of each other and retraced my steps to take photos. It didn't take long  for me to become obsessed and the Paris Color Project was born. I spent three years photographing Paris this way and what I've learned is that focusing on a color or type of object allows you to discover things you may have otherwise overlooked. It's easy to zone out when you're walking from point a to point b or to put your camera away as you walk between monuments and tourist destinations. But I think the good stuff is what catches your eye and makes you happy on the side streets and narrow alleys, whether that's peeling paint, an old door or a stack of fruit crates.

Here area  few of my favorite yellow objects:

Little Brown Pen yellow Paris metro seats

Little Brown Pen yellow flowers in window

 Little Brown Pen yellow Paris graffiti

Little Brown Pen yellow Paris flowers

 Little Brown Pen yellow Paris cafe

 Little Brown Pen yellow Paris volkswagon beetle

Little Brown Pen yellow Paris motorcycle

Little Brown Pen yellow Paris stairway

And here a few of my favorite yellow table lamps:

 Yellow table lamp

Yellow giclee table lamp

 Dark yellow painted metal table lamp

Yellow giclee shade table lamp


Thanks Nichole!  You can find Nichole and her photography on Twitter,  Etsy or her new site Obvious State (formerly known as Little Brown Pen).