Tips for Selecting Art for your Home and Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor is someone to know! She is the co-owner of the contemporary art gallery, Taylor De Cordoba, and an expert in selecting art for your home. Artwork makes a big impact in the design of your home. To break down some of the challenges in finding just the right art, Heather offers a handful of tips from everything from hanging and lighting artwork.

LAMPS PLUS: What was the first piece of art that you ever purchased?

HEATHER TAYLOR: When I lived in New York City I worked at a fantastic photography gallery called Laurence Miller Gallery and I purchased my first real piece of art there. It's a photograph by Eadweard Muybridge from his Animal Locomotion series from the late 19th century.

Living Room Design and Contemporary Artwork

LAMPS PLUS: What style of artwork is your favorite?

HEATHER TAYLOR: I'm interested in all of it - paintings, works on paper, video, photography, installation. My favorite type of art is something that moves me.

Modern Art and Dining Room Design

LAMPS PLUS: Selecting the right artwork for your home can sometimes be a daunting project for art novices. What are a few tips for selecting and incoporating art into your home?

HEATHER TAYLOR: Buy pieces that you love and that you can imagine existing with on a daily basis. If you don't know what you love, start spending time at local galleries or on gallery websites. You will quickly discover what appeals to you.

Art in the Bathroom

LAMPS PLUS: I love art in the bathroom, but it seems that the wet environment would harm the art. What are the precautions for hanging art in the bathroom?

HEATHER TAYLOR: An unexpected bit of art in a powder room can be a fun surprise. As a rule, I avoid art in a master bath with a shower that would produce a lot of steam and humidity.

Home Office Design and Artwork

LAMPS PLUS: How do you mix family portraits with purchased art?

HEATHER TAYLOR: I'm all about the eclectic look, so I don't think there are any steadfast rules here. Just make sure that everything is framed well!

LAMPS PLUS: Once you select the perfect art piece, what is your advice for hanging art?

HEATHER TAYLOR: We use a simple formula as a guideline and then adjust what looks right to the eye. Fifty eight inches above the floor is the average eye level and is the centerline we usually aim for. Formula: c = (A/2) + 58 - B. (A = height of artwork, B = distance between wire at full tension and top of frame, C = height of screw or nail in wall.) Make sure you do all measurements in inches. We use Post-its on the wall, so it doesn't leave a mark in case we want to move the piece around.

LAMPS PLUS: What are a few tips for lighting artwork?

HEATHER TAYLOR: I prefer for artwork to seamlessly integrate into a home's environment, so I often suggest that collectors work with the lighting they already have in their house. However, if someone wants to invest in a new lighting system, I recommend track lighting. That provides you with options; you can spotlight or do a criss-cross spotlight. My favorite track lighting is the Lightolier Glass Cylinder White Track Head.

Lightolier Glass Cylinder White Track Head at Lamps Plus


Images: Courtesy of Alex de Cordoba and Heather Taylor