Spring fashion influences interior design

I love the way fashion influences interior design, and vice versa. Back in December, I used a cozy and stylish winter outfit as the inspiration for a living room design, and now that spring is in the air it's time to take a lighter and brighter outfit and translate it into a lighter and brighter space! So how do we take a spring outfit and translate it to a bedroom design?

Bedroom design board from spring fashion

Pictured: Corbett Vertigo 2-Light Silver Pendant ChandelierPink Faux Roses in Glass ContainerRobert Abbey Mary McDonald Santorini Stripes Accent Lamp; Mirrored Silver and Black Round End Table; Wood Rose Shantung Tufted Bed; Platinum Shag Taupe Area Rug.

By exploring what makes the outfit work - the colors, the tailoring, the textures, and the pattern. The sophisticated and feminine color palette of tan, white, navy, and soft rose inspired the colors used in the space. The chic tailored shape of the dress is mirrored in the clean lines of the end table. The stunning chandelier captures the lavishly layered look of her champagne gold and silver toned bangles. Finally, the bold navy and white stripes- a daring and unexpected contrast - are echoed in the stunning lamp, designed by interior designer Mary McDonald.

Inspiration image courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific