Outdoor Room

If there weren't a tree hanging overhead, it would be easy to assume this luxurious space was indoors. That's the key to creating stunning outdoor rooms - designing an area that's every bit as comfortable and stylish as if it were inside. I designed this outdoor room for my client, a Prince, to take in the incredible views from his Mulholland retreat.

Outdoor Seating

A fire pit not only creates a warm and wonderful focal point for your outdoor room, it also allows you to continue to enjoy the space on cooler evenings and even into fall and winter. If a real fire pit isn't an option, gather lots of candles of all different sizes to achieve a similar effect. An outdoor candelabra is another solution - just make sure you place it far from trees and bushes.

Outdoor Rug

A rug is the perfect way to define your space and establish the feeling of an actual room. It's also a simple way to cover up dying grass or an ugly concrete slab! If you have an old rug handy, throw it down and get to work. Otherwise, there are a multitude of options in outdoor rugs. I love the way this Knot Grey Indoor Outdoor Rug combines nature with a modern print.

Outdoor Light

You can change your whole backyard and turn your trees into works of art just with lighting! An outdoor hanging light instantly illuminates your space and lends the feeling of being indoors. To achieve big impact, don't focus on lighting your yard, focus on hitting your trees with light. Landscape lighting can make your trees dance and create an ooooh la la look.

Twig Lights

These twig LED lights are so cool and create a lot of vibe. Tuck them into a planter or use them to construct a perimeter for your outdoor room. Stringing rope lights through your trees, bushes, or as a canopy also adds major wow.

Outdoor Bench

Creating outdoor rooms doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. If you have an old bench, table, or chairs cluttering up the garage, pull them out and give them a fresh, colorful coat of paint. Then protect them from the elements with a non-toxic marine varnish. Since it's made for boats, it's definitely water and weatherproof. Add more color and your own personal design vibe with fun outdoor fabrics - Sunbrella is one of my favorites. Then sit back and enjoy an outdoor room that's all your own!

Images: Kari Whitman Interiors