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Do we ever really think much about our desk lamps? Well, we should. As I write this post I’m taking a moment to silently thank my trusty desk lamp that gets me through the day and throughout the darkness of night. Desk lamps are essential and are very versatile. Investing in a good desk lamp is naturally important for your workspace, but can always be used in a pinch on a bar, nightstand or side table. Because the scale of a desk lamp is generally small they are very portable. Many of us have been hearing about LED lighting for some time now but still have no clue about what it means and how they work. In a nutshell, LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. LED lights offer high efficiency and long service life. Below are 10 Stylish new LED desk lamps that fit every style and budget.

For The Traditionalist:

Bronze Colored Desk Lamps

Kichler LED Bronze Adjustable Balance Arm Desk Lamp


For The Stealth Student:

Modern LED Desk Lamp

Koncept Gen 3 Z-Bar Daylight LED Modern Desk Lamp Silver

For The Architect:

Modern Desk Lamps

Reach Steel Adjustable LED Desk Lamp


For the Preppy:

Colorful LED Desk Lamps

Lite Source Light Blue Flat Head LED Desk Lamp


For The Musician:

Piano Lights

Black and Brass 19" Wide LED Piano Lamp


For The Artist:

Red LED Desk Lamps

Gen 2 Z Bar Red Finish Warm White LED Desk Lamp


For Your Inner-Celebrity :

Steel Finish LED Desk Lamps

Tube Shade Steel Finish LED Desk Lamp


For Your Little Girl:

Kids Desk Lamps

Little Monster Pink Bendable LED Desk Lamp


For The World Traveler:

Battery-Powered Travel Lights

Flip Battery-Powered LED Desk and Travel Light


For The Surface Challenged:

LED Swing Arm Lights

Mondoluz Pelle Chromium LED Swing Arm Wall Lamp

 Images: Lamps Plus